New router help required

I’ve just changed my router to a bt smart hub 2. Unfortunately when I went into my Nova software expecting to just enter the new pass code all I received was “searching for your room”.
I pressed the help button but all I received was Naim’s lamentable help page which doesn’t actually tell you how to overcome their pitiful software.
I’d be very grateful for any assistance in getting the Nova working again.
My server is a Mini Zen mk2.

I guess we need some more information before we can help you:

  • is the Nova connected via WiFi or cable?
  • Is your router also your DHCP server?
  • Are both the remote (phone, tablet, etc) connect to the same network?
  • What did you actually change in your network setup?

It’s connected by Wi Fi.
I run it from my iPad and all were on the same network.
All that has changed is the smart hub 2 and it password.
I can’t access the Naim software as all it does is search for a room to the exclusion of everything else other than the worthless help page.

Are you still using the same wifi network name with the new router? I recently switched WiFi equipment and several wireless devices did not like this at all. Had to apply factory resets to some of them before I got them to work again. Not sure if this applies to your situation as well though.

So you have been able to reconnect the Nova to the network and you can for example play internet radio again with the new router?

And adding a new room also does not work for you?

I’ve not been able to reconnect the Nova as it just keeps searching for a room. TV, laptop, iPad and Sky Q all reconnected ok. It’s just Naim that blocks me with this daft room search.
Do I have to go back to factory reset?

That is what I would try yes. I have never used my Atom via wifi, so not sure how this works in the setup of the device. Sorry, don’t think I can be of further help here.

Thanks. I’ll call my dealer in the morning.

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It’s not looking for a Room, it’s trying to connect to the router that you used to have. You’ll have to reconfigure it to connect to the new BT Hub.

Thanks, I’ve finally managed to reconnect via the front panel. Music is returned. I’ve even updated to 3.3!
It’s a pity Naim don’t provide a written manual or download that’s worthy of the title.
Their software is very weak in my opinion, fortunately the sound is wonderful.


To be fair . . . maybe one should know that if you replace your wifi router/access point, you cannot just turn on your home networked equipment and expect it to connect where it left off? Your phone won’t, your laptop won’t.

Now what you need to do to get those items to connect to a new access point is probably much more familiar to you – that I understand.

Great that you got it working again!

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I was aware of that but Nova software is not as obvious or intuitive as was the case for all my other appliances on my network.
In the end I had to figure it out which wasn’t the case with Sky or LG!

Strange, you change the network configuration and when that causes a problem with a network device you blame the device and its control software.

Did you think to restart the network devices starting with the DHCP and working outwards, as is normally recommended when changing/rebuilding a consumer level network?

My point is that I knew I had to update the entry code and this was obvious on my other devices but not the Nova. Instead of asking for a new code and informing me what was needed it just said searching for room which is misleading.
The helpline was to my mind very ambiguous.

Glad you got it sorted… the BT Smart Hub 2 is really good bit of kit… you shouldn’t have any problems with it going forward.
But on first installation it does ideally expect to you to restart connected devices that are using DHCP to initially build its DHCP table and allow the devices to receive their correct network addressing configurations.

Thanks Simon. Smart Hum 2 has already speeded up my broadband.
If the Nova software had been as good as LG it would have told me to go to the front panel and how to enter the code instead of this annoying room search which helps nobody. Fortunately I managed to try a couple of things and work it out myself.

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