New screen Unitilite

Hi, Would anybody know the cost of a screen repair on a Unitilite.
Thanks Andy

Unless your dealer can persuade Naim to do it under warranty, it will be included in a standard service which is about £330.




Does it have the 192k streaming boards? If not, pay for this upgrade and the screen will be fixed as part of the work.

All the Unitilites have the 192 kHz board I am pretty sure you will find…

I was quoted $400 CAD by my dealer. As for 192 streaming, I believe the first generation did not support the higher sample rates, only starting around 2015.

That’s true of first generation Unitiqutes and I think Unitis, but I’m fairly sure that all Unitilites had 192 from launch.

You are correct, David, only the earliest Uniti, Unitiqute and NDX ever had the original 29/96 board. The UnitiLite had the 24/192 board from its launch.

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What do they do in a service on a Unitilite, is it worth it ?

Mine involved a new CD drive, screen and software update. Im not aware what else was done. but I was happy with the result.

How long did it take

Mine was about 4 weeks.

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