New setup for me

For years I had a NAIT 3, cd3 and IBLs (not the best speaker for that amp I know). Well first the cd3 died and not much I could do about it. So I replaced it with a Rega Apollo ( new model). I then moved to a much larger house and what little bass I had with the IBLs were lost in the new room. So I made a trip to the local Naim dealer and take home a older small REL sub. Best bass I’ve had in my system.

So now I have the itch. I decided to take the NAIT in for a recap and service. That thought did not last long as they had a used Supernait 1 in stock. Took it home and wow what an improvement. They also had a used HiCap DR for sale. Well the thought of that in my system had been eating at me for a couple of weeks. On my way home from work I stopped back in to see if the HiCap was still there and yes it WAS and now its not.

It has only been plugged in to the wall and system for a couple of hours. So I’m not 100% sure it’s staying but I’m sure leaning that way.

The only CD I’ve played so far is King Crimson Discipline. I’ve been listening to that Album since the day it was released so I thought I had heard everything that recording had to offer. The new amp and HiCap unraveled the chaotic knot that is Discipline. I heard layers I have never heard before. I know I sound like a giddy school boy. I can hardly wait to hear how it sounds in a week. Thanks for reading my ramble.


Congratulations. It’s pretty fun rediscovering your favorite tracks.

Congrats! That calls for a system pic.


Sounds like you have a lot of fun hours of listening ahead. Enjoy!

Wonderful- do beware of the escalator you have jumped on to, see how high it goes??


thats a nice looking desmo you have there jonny, is it an SP?

Have you bought the supernait or just have it on demo?

Thanks! Nay lad, it’s an 888 but enjoys the SP’s Ohlins rear shock, fully floating cast iron discs and solo aluminium seat frame/carbon pipes etc so is light and handles and stops. Lovely!

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Sell the bike and get a NAP500Dr lol. Nice bike

Lol! Sell the bike and get a nap300dr Mebbes, or half a used 555? In fact I sold all my bikes (888, 999s cbr1000rr-sp and xr400) and bought new 252/s’cap/nap300 … can’t fall off a naim and bike values a bit daft at mo

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The supernait is all bought and paid for. The Hi Cap is still on loan.

Sounds like you’ve reached a level, with or without hicap, that will do as a stopping point.

I’ve not heard that generation of Rega CD player, my last encounter apart from the Isis at a dealer’s was a Jupiter around 2001, just before Rega dropped the prices of their CD players. If they’d done that a couple of months earlier I’d never have bought a CD5x instead and gone down the Naim gravity well.

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It is “sort of” a stopping point for me. I had the NAIT3 for 25 years (since new) and in a small room had mostly been very happy. So this is a huge upgrade. Maybe i’ll step up to a SN3 down the road. but I’m not interested in separates. I would have gone for a Naim cd player but it does not look like they are behind them anymore. They appear to be more of an afterthought at this point. Rega on the other hand seems to still be developing the format while ignoring streaming boxes.

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I had a SN1/HC for some years and would not have bought the SN without the HC (I’d have gone for 200/202). For me the power supply transformed the sound. When the option to upgrade the HC to DR became available, I did that too and once again the improvement was marked – probably the best sound for pound improvement I made.

The SN1 is a little short of love on the forum but I really enjoyed the time I had mine.




I bought the Hi cap the other day. there was no way that box was going back to the shop.

I took home an rca to din Shawline and Shawline digital cable. Not so sure about those. I had be using a Cobra 2 or 3 ?? don’t remember what it is (Circa 2010). I always found it a bit bright. The Shawline is the opposite. It does some thing right like some timing thing but over all too dull and lacking dynamics. The overly bright issue is gone but so are dynamics. I’m not sure what to try next. need more time to play with the digital cable. i’ve been using a DH Labs D750. Any suggestions. the Dac is a Schitt Bifrost 2.


Make sure you replace the tweeters of your IBLs, it’s a very significant upgrade and the tweeters will finally be discontinued soon.

Knowing the ibls and sn1, I can imagine that they work well together.

Do you know who sells the tweeters?

Depends per country. I’m in the Netherlands and used google to find a shop. 2 days later I had them, replaced the tweeters in the ibls and it made a very good improvement. Couldn’t stop listening ….

In the UK it seems to be Falcon. Make sure you get the right ones, it’s all in the other topic.

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Thank you.

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I’ll order in a pair this week.