New SL2 foam grills - May 2022

Dear all,
A dearly departed friends’ wife still has their SL2s, but now in need of new foam grills.
Where can I get these from and how much are they likely to cost?
Is it just a case of having a word at the local dealer or calling Salisbury direct?
Thanks in advance.
Mate of “Malteser”


The factory no longer supply these. Tom Tom Audio is the place. James had replacements made exactly to the original spec. I bought a set last year and the quality is excellent - indistinguishable from the originals.


As above, they also sell the ‘pips’ and spacers, the latter may be worth refreshing too, they do flatten out a bit especially if the speakers have been moved around or dismantled a fair bit. They are £3 each only.


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I am not sure that TomTom have any left from the batch they got made. Hopefully someone who has sourced something similar from eBay will be along to advise shortly

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In that case I would drop James an email and enquire. He can then let you know an ETA on any further batches he may get made.


+1 for the Tom Tom Grills they are superb.

spacers wise Naim recently supplied some to Cymbiosis for me they were about 5 quid each and have transformed mine in the bass as part of a general refresh! I did my own acoustic foam in the top cabs and Peter assisted with a tweeter swap too. The SL2 is an utterly amazing speaker and well worth the effort to get back on top form! Gaz


Brilliant, thanks all. Really appreciate the speedy advice upon that first post. The forum is going to be as addictive as an upgrade! :smiley:

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Thanks Tim, Tom Tom confirmed they were out but may get more in later. Obviously popular and looking at other posts here see it’s very worthwhile getting them.

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I did register with tom tom but later sold the speakers before they had any. The person who bought my SL2s found some elsewhere, so other decent sources are available. There is apparently one eBay supplier who is good but not having used them I don’t know who. But if tom tom are going to have some more then waiting may work for you

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