New smaller power cables with power supplies?

I bought an XPS-DR and a Hicap-DR in 2021. Both of them came with small 18 gauge power cords, rather than the larger 14 gauge cables that Naim usually provides.
I sold the Hicap and the buyer seems a little upset he got a smaller cord. he says his 2012 Hicap and 2020 XPS came with the larger cord.
Did Naim change the cords given with these power supplies at some time? It would seem so.

I have bought Naim products in the 80s, and again since about 2010. All the power cords have been 14 gauge or so. IOW: they have been consistently the same in the 80s, and again since ca. 2010.

If I bought a used Naim component and got a 18 gauge power cord I’d be somewhat miffed too.


I bought my ND5 XS 2 in 2021 and it came with a smaller 18 gauge cord as well. My Nait 5si and CD5si from 2014 came with 14 gauge cords.

I recall a discussion on here somewhere about the change in power cords and the suppliers.

I’m in Canada btw.

Here is the link to the thread on the change in power cords:

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Interesting. The last piece I bought new was my NDX2 in 2018 and it came with the 14 gauge power cord. My SuperLine is newer but that of course doesn’t use a power cord.

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My ex-dem Nait XS2 (mfg 2019, bought in 2021) also came with a 14 gauge cable.

I just received confirmation from my dealer. All new Naim products (at least in Canada) are shipped with a smaller 18 gauge power cable. No more 14 gauge.
A bit disappointing…

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People actually use those included power cords? :laughing:

The older bigger ones were quite decent. I would not use the newer ones. I have powerlines on every Naim box.

I did for quite a long time, but I had the 14 gauge ones. It wasn’t until the last few years that I changed to Powerline cables, and I bought them all used for less than half the cost of new (which is now up another 20%).

Yup. The XPS DR I bought new in Canada a couple of years ago came with 18 gauge. I thought it was strange at the time and still do. It’s been sold on and now I have a 555 PS DR that came with a Power-Line. So now it’s Power-Lines all round.

Yes, this was meant as a joke, we all know how most audiophiles are with cables. I too used the included power cords for a few years, before swapping to PL’s. I actually got a couple spare new ones from my dealer & added the Wattgate ends to make some DIY Tibias, which I used before the PL’s.

A sneaky way to get customers to buy powerlines - Julian would be turning in his grave!

Maybe I should start listing my 14 gauge power cords as vintage Naim gear.


It’s a disappointing change. The 14 gauge well shin cables are quite good. The new included cables are not. Especially since Naim had claimed the well shin were selected for sound quality and upgrading was not necessary (pre Powerline). A decent power cable for the XPS DR should be included.

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I fully agree with you.

A Grahams Hydra is all that anyone needs. You just need to decide how many ‘heads’ your Hydra has.

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I almost bought one once, but decided getting one shipped from overseas was more trouble and cost than worth. It’s just as well because over the years I have collected four pre-owned Powerlines at decent prices.

I ended up gettomg some Tibia12 power cables from AV Options, and as I have added Powerline cords, they have found other useful purposes.

I wonder about the reason of the change from 14 AWG to 18 AWG cord that comes with Naim power supplies. Is it a performance or cost related change? I suspect it’s the latter? The standard cord doesn’t cost much I think. Any (cheap) electrical appliances will usually include a 14 AWG cord as standard, and it’s already looking quite thin at 14 AWG so I can understand some people are upset with 18 AWG.

Is it? You can get the 14AWG Well Shin cables online for about $6. Assuming you can’t find them or thicker at your local hardware store.