New SN3 Owner - Help!

Hi all,

I just picked up my SN3 from my dealer who is closed due to a lockdown but is allowing curtsied pickup via their service department.

I’ve hooked it up per the manual. Power it on, the only wires connected are:

  1. DIN to ND5XS2
  2. Speaker Left & Right
  3. Power
  4. IR 3.5mm
  5. Phono in from my turntable

I powered it on, it starts up. does the click mentioned in the manual. Then after a few more seconds (with the mute and CD buttons illuminated by default) a rather loud buzz (not hum) comes from the speakers. I tried switching to streaming input (with mute still on) and the buzz is still there. I’ve powered off.

No hum from the transformer itself. Just the speakers. The SN3 is connected to the same outlet my UnitiLite has been using, with the same speaker wires, REL sub, speakers, etc. The only new component is the SN3 and the ND5XS2 thet is connected to it.

Any advice?

It could be that the ND5XS2 and the TT are having grounding issues. On the back of the ND5XS2 try the Signal ground to “floating”


Try just having one source connected at a time. If there is no buzzing when one of the two is disconnected that will indicate what the culprit is and as mentioned above probably some sort of grounding issue

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Will try this now and will report back

I have SN3, Planar 6 and a Naim streamer. The streamer should be set to chassis.

How is the Rel connected? That’s the thing I’d be suspicious of, rather than the ND or the Planar.

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Yes I’m curious about this as well. I replied before he/she edited to include the REL.

@Hungry halibut, REL is connected as recommended by REL and the same way I had it connected on my UnitiLite. High level leads to the speaker wires where they connect to the amp. What I will try next is to use a set of speaker cables that don’t have the REL wired into them – and just take the sub out of the equation (unplug and fully disconnected form the system).

That’s a good idea. The way recommended by REL is absolutely not recommended by Naim. If you want to use a high level connection it should always be taken from the back of the speakers. Try also removing the system automation wire. It should make no difference but who knows?

I’ll send a photo a bit later showing how it was wired into the UnitiLite. I’ve taken the REL out by using different speaker cable that goes direct from amp to speaker and with no connections to the REL. I’ve removed power to the REL also. System is up and running. Thanks @hungryhalibut - you were right. Now the question is, how to I set up the REL and am I relegated to low-level input.

Glad to hear you have it sorted out. Now on to the brief up’s and downs of breaking in your new lovely components.

Tha is @marcusman, that and figuring out how to oil my REL back into the mix. I guess via low-level for now, till I figure it out. I’m looking forward to enjoying the new system.

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Excellent. The SN had a sub output on the back. Just get the right lead and it should be fine. Make sure it’s a proper sub lead with the appropriate resistance, as the amp won’t like driving a long lead unless it’s properly specified. I can’t tell you the spec but just know it’s an issue.

It’s fascinating to see so many people with the SN3, an ND and a Rega. I’m really enjoying mine and I’m sure you will too. Have fun.


I have a sub connected to my SN2 at the moment and just use the RCA sub output and that works great. If you have a spare set of RCA leads, give it a try.

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@Mike_S it look like a stereo output? Can I use just one channel or is that going to sound terrible? My sub only has one input.

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You need both channels.

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Which REL model do you have? Odd that there is no RCA pair option. Are you saying there’s just an LFE input?
If this is the case, I suppose you could use an RCA female to (2) RCA female splitter in the chain. Have regular ICs from SN2 Subwoofer OUT—>RCA Splitter female IN (the 2 side) then a single IC from RCA Splitter female (1 side) to single INPUT of the REL.

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Yes, there are left / right RCA outputs labeled “sub out” on the SN, my sub (Totem Storm) has left / right RCA inputs. On my sub you can run the main speaker cables to the sub and then run main speaker cables from the sub using it’s built in cross-over. I’ve tried that (on my Nova) and it sounded the same, so I use the RCA connections, which is easier.

Hi Mike, the issue is my REL 7Ti is meant to operate using high level connections. My previous cable set up doesn’t work for this with the SN3. So, in the interim, until I can rewire from the speaker terminals, I’m going to have to use the low level outputs (x2 on SN3) into the low level input (x1 on REL T7i).

Has anyone had experience with this? Can I use a cable like the one pictured. I would use it paired with a regular RCA to extend to the sub. I realize it’s not a stellar interconnect but I can get it fast and it’s a (hopefully) temporary solution to get my sub back online.

Is there any risk in using a Y connector to the amplifier or sound quality on the main speakers? (e.g. sending some kind of interference from one channel back into another?).

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I’m obviously not Mike, but that will work; it’s similar to what I proposed and should not degrade sound whatsoever.

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Thanks @jsawyer09!

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