New sounds picked up in old fsv’s

Each time I upgrade my system I go through my music and relisten, I get over excited when the system extracts something from an old favourite previously unheard- it would be good to hear others’ finds, I will kick off with a couple- 1. several microphone bumps throughout Marc Bolan’s studio recording of ‘Interstellar Soul’ (zinc Alloy) never heard these before and I wonder if they were left in the master because it was assumed that they would be hidden by music systems of the time!!
2. Led zeppelin three, Tangerine, listen to Jimmy Page patting the beat on his acoustic guitar throughout the song

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It reminds me of a cartoon in some magazine many years ago - there is a very large loudspeaker cabinet, with two men close to it. One has an ear about a couple of inches from the speaker, and he is saying “if you listen very closely, you can hear the third violin drop his handkerchief here”

Totally understand. Its the foot pedal on piano recording that i notice now!

I’ve been transferring vinyl to my Mac, cleaning it and then saving as WAVs to my Star. I’d just saved Fleetwood Mac’s (Peter Green Mac) Man of the World album and was about to edit when there was a spooky ethereal voice in my left ear (I use cans to clean) that I’d never noticed before on the run in groove when listening to the vinyl, just before the Man of the World track. I isolated it cleaned, and boosted it, it’s a soft female voice saying “I believe you”… freaked me out!

Curious, I Googled fsv. I found nothing relevant- the top ten in one list came out as:

Fonds de Solidarité Vieillesse
Feature Selective Validation
Full Scale Value
Fire Support Vehicle
Finite State Verification
Food Safety Victoria
Final Settlement Value
Flow Safety Valve
Fisheries Survey Vessel
Fantasy Sports Ventures

Then I twigged - a typo!!! I guess it should be favs, as in favourites?

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