New speaker cables

Just purchased a supernait 3 and now considering new speaker cables for my Linn Sara speaker’s any suggestions

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I think such a combination deserves NACA5, around 5m per channel or more, properly terminated with SA8s at the amp end.

What do you use right now?


Don’t listen to Richard, hasn’t got a clue! (Totally agree! :crazy_face:)

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What’s wrong with 16G lamp cord ?

Hi Gilder, I’d go for WitchHat Phantom speaker cables - the great thing is that you get a 30 day money back guarantee period, so nothing to lose if you don’t like the sound - I thought they sounded much better than Naim cables. There’s a couple of threads in the Forum about WitchHat cables.
Best wishes Amer

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I would recommend NacA4/Linn K20 for the Sara’s.

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Naim NACA 5, or NACA 4, or Linn K20 is the perfect match for your wonderful Linn Sara’s.

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Can you ask a dealer to lend you a couple to try. Naca 5 but also worth trying Chord Odyssey.



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Witch Hat phantom is IMO a big improvement on NACA5.

I second that thought - well worth speaking with your local dealer, covid permitting, and arranging to borrow 2 or 3 sets of cables to try out. Each room seems to carry with it a different set of challenges and cables can help fine tune the sound signature. Naca 5 was not a success in my living room (admittedly a far from ideal location!).


I completely agree. Better sound and a lot easier to deal with.

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Remember, all Naim equipment is designed and matched for Naim NAC A5.

Depends. A properly bent A5 can be a blessing, depending on installation.

Its just a shame that Naca5 is not really designed to be flexible and fit into a domestic environment very well!

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I find it fits rather better than many alternatives as it can be easily bent into place to closely follow the skirting around a room and it stays in position. My NACA5 is almost invisible now, which is not what i can say for some of the other cables that I’ve tried!