New Speaker Considerations

I am looking to upgrade my Monitor Audio RS6s having enjoyed them for a number of years and, having read feedback and reviews, decided to take the locally made route. I have narrowed down the choice to the following -

IPL Transmission Lines
Kralk TDB8

Some thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


Anyone got any thoughts?

What are you looking to drive them with Dave ?

I’ve no experience of either but the Kralks look like a lot of fun and seem to be in high demand. I think there are a few people on the pink forum who use them who may be able to give you a bit more info.

Well, I’m using the NAP250DR as my amplification, with a Uniti 1 as the main source and control. They work well together.

Personally I have found transmission line bass to sound better than other designs I’ve heard, but clearly the mid/top havevro br right, too.

I haven’t heard either.if you can find someone who has built either, it would be worth trying to get to hear…

Yes, I’ve just had a look at that. They seem very complimentary about them. They seem to get good reviews too. Thanks for the heads up

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Too many speaker options honestly. People can list dozens of options, each to his/her own taste.

And if you’re buying without an in-home audition, buyer beware.

New speaker buying is quite the adventure. I’ve just done it, but only considered speakers I could actually get in my room for an audition. Otherwise it’s way too risky.

I’m wondering whether a £700 speaker really would be an upgrade. I’m also thinking that a Uniti1 really isn’t good enough for a 250. Whichever speaker you choose, try it at home first, otherwise it’s sonething of a lottery.

@hungryhalibut The 250DR works very well with the original Uniti, having had that upgraded with the 24-bit dac. It definitely was an upgrade on the NAP200 I had before, without a doubt and I’m very happy with the performance of the two items working together.

As these are kit/locally made speakers, they have the performance of speakers that are twice the price or even more. I’ve heard the IPLs and was very impressed by them. I’ll be auditioning the Kralks soon. Much of what I’ve read on the subject seems to suggest that those who listened to the Kralks were very impressed with them.

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