New speaker excitement

I have posted in other threads that I am upgrading speakers. I tried a few last weekend and ruled one out as a result and hopefully this Saturday at the dealer I bought my Atom from will try out about 4 more from my shortlist and perhaps a few they recommend a try off. Cant wait really looking forward to it not had a decent demo in a long time. Then the hard work of deciding which I prefer if any of course and hoping they work in my room. Not saying what they are just yet. More to follow.


I’m excited for you! Take your time. If you are lucky enough for a home demo, take advantage of it.

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A home demo is a must with speakers. The same speakers can sound very different in another room. I changed listening rooms about 20 years ago and the KEF’s I had at the time just didn’t work in the new room (which was great for me lol).


that’s unfortunate - I’ve only had speakers not work well after changing rooms once, in at least 8 moves, and even then they could be made to work well, but just took a bit of effort and frustration, and a compromise in having to move positions between serious listening and other room uses. I guess it depends at least in part on the speakers, and part on the luck of the room.

Home demo may be unlikely they wouldn’t for my Atom and in London area it seems to be less of thing. I’ll ask but I am sure they will have a return policy like I had for the Atom if I don’t like it.

Yep I can’t change the room or the listening position so it has to be a change of speakers to better fit so having to downsize them as well. I have resigned to it so quite happy as I have not been satisfied with the sound of the system for a long time. I happened to bring it up in conversation and my partner has obviously noticed my constant rearrangement of speakers and saw my frustrations and was quite happy, she wants them smaller anyway. It’s made me feel that maybe I will have to compromise on sq due to the room , I hope new speakers prove me wrong.

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The KEF’s were Reference Series (101 or 102 can’t remember) floorstanders and just didn’t work in the new room, even though it was a bigger room. I auditioned some other floorstanders but found standmounts worked far better for me.
I’m lucky to have a great dealer. I borrowed Shahinians, Dynavectors, ProAcs and two Totem models before finding the pair that really sang.

I take it she hasn’t twigged about the huge sub that’s needed if the mains are smaller? :smile:

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Not happening, I got rid of sub earlier in year which I had for surround. My room generates too much bass, thee speakers I have are not known for massive bass but in my room they have. This is one of the main reasons for downsizing.

Oh I am having so much fun.

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When do we get details of what you are demoing?

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What speakers :nerd_face:

Front ported if close to the wall, that said i bought my Focals blind and then are rear ported, after allot of effort i got them setup spot on, even removed the foam bung as it totally messes up the music.

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I had a similar experience with Focal 1028’s. Great in the demo room but not in my sitting room. Similar issues when I moved from my previous accommodation - my lovely 'Briks sounded great in the old place but for various reasons couldn’t get their backs to the wall in the new place.

I ended up with Kudos S20’s which were much less fussy than the Focals (or Briks) and work very nicely fairly close to the walls.

Well that was an enjoyable afternoon,except the drive home. I hate driving through Lewisham it’s always too much traffic and it’s 20mph everywhere.

So what have I auditioned over the last two weeks.

Last week Dali Rubicon 2 and Monitor Audio Gold 100. MA ruled out did not as expected perform well, treble nice but overal Atom struggled to drive them and they sounded all abit wobbly bass was not defined well. Dalis were very nice control and transients, timed well and a nice balanced sound with tight bass. Only thing is they are still quite a big speaker.

Today went to the dealer I bought my Atom from and had a great afternoon chatting and listening to in this order.

Neat Iota Alpha, Neat SX3, Spendor A1, ProAc Tab10 and ProAc Tab 10 Sig.

The Iota shocked me at how small it is they look lovely and I would say out of all speakers the best tweeter, nothing seemed to bother it and it sounds sweet no moments of cringing. But it lacks everything else felt lacking in midrange and the bass is just urghhh. Overall did not get me going.

SX3 bass and midrange much better but the treble found harsh and overall sounded boxey. Dealer agreed with me hear. Playing Marquee Moon by Television was a bit painful.

Spendor A1, the less said about these the better. God damn awful, couldn’t time we’ll, elevated midrange they shouted at you lasted about 1min at listening to them and that was enough. Dealer also agreed with me and admitted he was no fan.

Next up Tab10 now this is much better full sounding, strong bass but not too strong, all balanced was doing well across a number of tracks then got to Angel Olsens Chance and fell apart could not handle the big transients and vocals came across too shouty and then the same on some XX recordings.

Tab10 Sig, had all the good points of the Tab10 and then none of the bad, most things sounded very very good, occasionally the tweeter got about over excited but the track I was playing at the time it isn’t suprising but God for 99% they are magnificent. They just time exceptionally well, sound balanced and for the small size pack a surprising punch.

Dealers let me have them at home for trial until Wednesday to see how they get on with my room. Now got to get the time to get them setup and kick the family out.

All I can say my dealer was great and stopped me going any higher in speakers. I was tempted by the Neat Mistra as they have the ribbon tweeter and which did sound so good in the Iotas but he said it would be too much being isobariks. Also the PMC 25.21 could have come out but again dealer kept me away as it was getting way over my budget. It was great to talk to him about stuff. He said they have been so busy since they reopened with the first 6 weeks being the busiest ever. I guess everyone had been saving pennies.

So still a chapter to fill. Will the Tab10 Sig work in my room, do I want to try the Dalis at home? More to follow.



Me right now.


Sounds like usual top service from Billy Vee’s. My local for 30 years


And I bought Atom and Proac Tab 10’s from them - great combo


I am amazed at how different it all sounds now. Gone is the over sized bass, the often harsh treble. Still my room plays with balance a bit as its still biased to the right. But now I can literally put them out of the way of the misses as she can’t past my current ones to open the windows. First thing she says oh there more discreet. She even likes the stands.

Looking very promising that a pair of Tabs will be bought. How long do they take to break in?


Not long at all - only a few weeks. I think Atom and Tabs are one of the great pairings

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How do you have them placed? Finding placement not overly fussy I guess being a closed box helps here. Also is there a recommended binding post to put cable in. I know some manufacturers state to use one over the other.