New speakers for my SN3

I’m interested in hearing other’s thoughts on pairing a SN3 with a pair of Tannoy Turnberry GR…is the amp up to the job on it’s own or does adding a Hi Cap (for instance) make sense.
I’m currently running a pair of Tannoy Eaton which are great but when I heard the Turnberry I knew that was the sound I wanted.

Tannoy Turnberry are very easy to drive, high sensitivity 93dB/m & a 5ohm minimum impedance & I suspect the SN3 will be quite happy. But as with all Naim higher up the ladder is better & I suspect with the Turnberrys you will get really noticeable upgrade with a better source, the CDX5 is out of place in such a system.
The HiCap powers the SN3 preamp section, it will not add to the power output, it does add refinement to the SQ.

I agree with the source first upgrade path Mike…I’m waiting for my Rega P8 to arrive in the spring/summer so that’ll be a big jump from my current P2.
Not to get off topic but I wonder if the CD5 SI would be a worthwhile investment as far as upgrades go.

If you really want to stay with CD, then CDX2 would be my starting point.
But why not go streaming.?
I changed CDX2 for NDX in 2014 & never looked back, except admit that the CDX2 does balls out rock better, it’s like being in the mosh pit, whereas the NDX is the best seat at the high end jazz club

The Tannoys are easy to drive and the SN3 will easily get noise out of them, and lots of it. Probably more important is quality, and something like a 282/250 would be a much more appropriate match. You’ll more easily get away with the SN3 if you have really good sources - I’d be looking at the P10 rather than P8, and maybe a CDX2/XPSDR on the CD front. Revealing speakers with inadequate sources rarely make for an enjoyable system.

At 93 db you will only use a fraction of the volume control rotation so channel imbalance may raise its head at lower volume

Another vote for source first.

Cdx2 and ndx are going to improve things massively and supernait 3 is fine for these sources.

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