New Speakers - NDX & Nait XS3

I would very much appreciate feedback with regards a new choice of speaker. Current speakers are Sonus Faber Toy Towers (a bizarre name). Originally 10 years on a NDX, 202/200, but now on NDX, Nait XS3. The SF have a detailed delivery but lack bass, the main disappointment for me is overly bright treble - age related hearing and tinnitus probably don’t help. I won’t be changing the NDX or Nait XS3 anytime soon (it’s a great amp). Remaining with a compact floorstander, I’m looking at either the ProAc DT8 or Neat SX1, so about £2400. My preference is for a good bass, rich smooth detailed sound, but not bright treble.

Both potential speakers have bass ported via the base, which helps in my requirements for placement to rear wall and chimney breast. In the last few days, I connected my old Monitor Audio Gold 14 mk 2, still a really good rich sound but now seriously lacking detail and reverb.

I will of course audition both before deciding, however your thoughts on the ProAc DT8 v Neat SX1 (or any other suggestion) would be valued.

Thank you

The ProAc speaker line are one of my favorites. I have owned a pair of D2’s which I used with my ND5XS2 and Nait XS 2. I currently own a pair of D30RS speakers for use with my current system.

Good luck with your decision.

Thank you for your feedback, I demo’d some ProAc’s about 12 years ago (can’t remember model) but remember I quite liked them, can’t remember why I didn’t buy them ……. Perhaps my favoured …

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