New speakers

Well, I’ve finally got them. IPL Acoustics M3tlm transmission line speakers. Still bedding in, but they sound good. It’ll take a month for them to properly run in.


Nice speakers, nice gear but I would try and give your black boxes a dedicated shelf instead of stacking them on each other.

It will sound far better.

Don’t mean to sound negative or lecturing

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handsome looking speakers.

Something addictive about transmission line sound. Exluding bookshelf speakers 4 out of 5 of my main system speakers in the past 30 years have been transmission lines. Not intentional. It just randomly worked out like that.

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I did have a Blox rack previously. Since having moved I’ve not had the space; not really noticed any difference to the sound to be honest

I have had transmission lines before - TDL RTL2 and RTL4s - and I do like the sound of them. They do take some getting used to as I’m used to the sound of my Monitor Audio RS6s, which can sound a little forward to some. These sound different, but it’ll take some time to run them in.

How refreshing! Nice to hear from someone who simply trusts his ears!


Love that bulldog


Awww, yusss :slight_smile:


Ian is of course correct, but stacked Naim boxes do look good imo. I remember the advert with a six pack stacked next to Bricks. Sublime.


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Well, I’ve had these speakers now for 48 hours and they are running in nicely. Given these were made from a kit, these are pretty special and I think these’ll be keepers. The sound is changing as the drivers loosen up, and the bass is extending deeper and deeper.

Given these are transmission line speakers, the go deep, very deep (down to 28hz), but without the resonant effects of ported or infinite baffle speakers. The bass is very evident, but it’s proper authentic bass instead of the boominess I’ve experienced with other speaker designs. The top end is sweet and the mids clear and uncoloured. Generally, the drivers integrate well.

There is an absolute clarity and even-handedness that I’ve not heard in a very long time. They are a joy to listen to and I am sure that over the coming month they will run in further.

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