New Stageline connection

Hello community
My current configuration is SN3 + HiCap DR
My source is Rega Planar 3. It is connected to the phono input of the SN3.

I want to upgrade it to MC turntable. Then I need to purchase MC phone stage …
I thought about StageLine.
How should I connect it to my SN3 and to the HiCap DR?

You could try an MC step-up. This is a passive transformer and connects between the tonearm cable and the phono input on the Supernait 3.

However, if you wish to move to a Stageline S, K or E (MC) then you could connect via the powered AUX socket (AUX IN & Power). This gives the Stageline 2x24V power and takes in the signal, all via the one SNAIC5.

Alternatively, you could take the HICAP DR off the Supernait and dedicate it to powering the Stageline. To do this you’ll also need a 4-5 interconnect to take signal from the Stageline+Hicap back into the Supernait.

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Stageline S (ie. the standard low output MC variant) powered from AUX2 on my preamp is great with my Audio Technica MC cartridge.

Please tell us how it goes for you.


Can you connect he HiCap DR in a way that it powers both SN3 and the stageline?

You can connect the HICAP DR to the Supernait 3. You then connect the Stageline to the Supernait’s powered AUX2 socket. You cannot have 2 items directly powered off a HICAP.

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