New streamer/DACs timeframe?

Was just wondering, with the various advances the industry is making as of late, if Naim would be working on updates to their streamers similar to what they recently did with the integrateds.
Wouldn’t an ND5 XS3 be a welcome and timely addition? Or maybe even a more entry-level box below it? Am kind of hesitant to acquire a device now and be unpleasantly surprised to see an updated device come out the very next day…like what happened for the SN2 / SN3 for example…

The current streamers are pretty recent and the previous ones had a lifespan of 8 years so I wouldn’t expect anything for a considerable time.

I’m not sure what advances a new range would have, the current models can play all file formats from almost all services and they sound terrific.


Naim products actually have a good lifespan, there was 6 years between the SN2 and SN3. Also when new products are released older models still hold good resale value.


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