New Streamers ‘All Inputs Enabled’?

Did we ever get a definitive answer after both reviews of the ND555 and NDX2 stated that optimally all inputs should be ‘enabled’, yet those speaking to dealers/naim anecdotally say the opposite?

I like a clean desktop so have disabled all apart from UPNP, Tidal and USB & Chromecast. I don’t use the last two but am unable to disable them for some reason.



I have no answer for you at this stage, but having just replaced my trusty NDX with an NDX2, I too just disabled all unused inputs. I will get round to turning them back on at some point just to see if there’s any difference, and it’ll be interesting to see if a consensus emerges one way or the other.

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Likewise I hate clutter, but it seems Chromecast and USB are compulsory !

Same here I enabled everything after the HiFi Critic review also waiting for opinion. Was hoping Naim would chime in

Interesting, but if we can’t tell without being told any difference may be marginal.

Makes zero difference on the Atom that’s for sure.

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Definitely improves the sound quality by having all inputs enabled on the ND555. My dealer also cocurs on this point and has discussed the same with Naim.

Hi @NeilS could you help on this point of should inputs on the new streamers be disabled if not in use…for better sound quality. I was told for my Nova by some one from Naim to disable them…but now have an ND555.

Yup. Same here with my ND5 XS 2. I disable them apart from the ones I’m using, even tried listening with headphones on. Nada.

Hi Gazza,

It’s not something that I have ever heard discussed at HQ.

I’m not sure that it would make any difference at all to SQ, more for user convenience.

That is just my personal opinion mind.

I would suggest experimenting - if you think it sounds better with them enabled/disabled, then go with it!


Thanks Neil…its easy to do and try, personally i cannot hear a difference…but i have cloth ears

I wonder where Martin Colloms and Jason Kennedy got this idea from then?.


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Mine are all enabled

Hopefully Andrew will wade in…his own ears and direction from Naim?

The response from Naim was that there was no advantage in disabling unused inputs, and my ears suggested that was the case. Does it sound better with them all on compared to having unused ones disabled? Possibly, but life’s too short for such comparisons, really – do whatever you think makes it sound better, and trust your own ears.

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Thanks Andrew…put to bed hopefully…ones own ears as ever.


I can keep my nice tidy homepage!


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