New superline

Is it normal a new Superline with a serial number 447xxx?
It has been produced in 2018 and sold a week ago.
Strange, isn’t it?

Factory sealed box?

I guess they don’t fly off the shelves these days…could just have sat at the factory or dealer

My guess is that they don’t sell very many these days. Perhaps a dealer ordered it for a customer, or for store inventory, and then never sold it - something like that. Or it was a dealer demo.

You are so in for a treat! What cartridge and loading are you using? What power supply?

Well, if it was made 2 years ago, ask for a 20% refund, as you’ve lost 20% of the product’s lifespan before it needs servicing.

Hey any argument in favor of a discount is worth trying. But I’m not sure that many parts age merely with time, if they are not energized.

I was told only 6 SuperLines were sold in USA/CA last year. I am looking at a new phonostage and have given up on trying to audition a SuperLine. My dealer is going to loan me the Boulder 508. I don’t have any other candidates right now.

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Yes, factory sealed box. Directly from the importer.

Rega Apheta 3, 100 Ohm, 1 nF.
Waiting for a Burndy for the Supercap (non DR) from a 552 at the moment.

When your Burndy arrive, please describe the differences you hear with Superline + Supercap vs. Superline from 552!

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I will try.
Unfortunately my english is not good.

Well there’s nothing wrong with your written English :).

That is an amazingly low number of SL units sold given the vinyl resurgence …I was hoping Naim would update the SL to a mk2 status but given those numbers seems highly unlikely. Shame.

Yeah, but how can Naim expect to sell any in North America if they won’t give us a chance to even audition one? My dealer isn’t going to purchase one just so I can hear it. They don’t want to be stuck with something if I decide I don’t like it better than what I have. If Naim is interested ion selling it, they should have a demo they can send around to dealers for audition.

In a YouTube I/V with Steve Sells which stems from when the SL was introduced, it is apparent the SL is seen as complementary to Naim systems/kit - and not as a wider competitor in the phono-amp marketplace.

As good as it is, with a SCDR it’s jolly expensive (some have foibles) and while I respect Richard D’s views that it’s been well reviewed as a product, I’ve seen some media commentary that others are better - the problem is, perhaps as it is in the US, getting comparable demos is very difficult nigh impossible. A phono-amp is a niche product.

That wasn’t the case before Vervent took over. The previous distributor might have taken care of me. They did when I wanted to hear a NDX2. They even dropped shipped an audition unit to me directly, so I wouldn’t have to wait for my dealer to return from Munich.

I don’t have much confidence in Naim as a brand over here going forward. My gut tells me all they care about is selling Muso through the Amazon and Apple stores. I have over $60K worth of Naim gear and for them to refuse an audition of a SuperLine is silly.

My plan to replace my dying office system with an Atom is changed. I will look elsewhere for that. :frowning_face:

Yep iv tried to demo a sl as well but busisoft never get back the only time I hear from them is if I mite buy sumthin… Iv asked if they would come out to the house as I have a problem with my naim equipment but was told nah I’m not really out that way and then later said ill bring out some grounding boxes n u can try n buy one of them… But won’t help with my buzz… Naim gear has went up in price n sopra has went through the roof… I was into buying more naim equipment but not at those prices… Hence this forum is good for info… And deal with naim directly… I’m sorry busisoft got the distribution of the gear…

We complain a lot about high prices for Naim here in the States, but from what I’ve read AU is even worse.

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Yep it’s no t right… And u can’t get a demo of stuff they took on naim n focal and price has jumped big style… I don’t think it’ll help naim n focal and I’m not buying blind again