New Supernait 3 owner

I ordered SN3 with HICAP DR a few months ago and it will be delivered next week. I will be using it with my Sopra N1’s. My question is how good is the phono stage? What attracted me to the SN3 was the small footprint vs the separates I sold (Accuphase P400/c240) to finance this. Back to the question. I have VPI Classic II with a low output Lyra Delos MC cart and a Mcintosh MP 100 phono stage(it’s not that big). Do I sell the MP100 and Lyra cart and get a MM cart to further reduce the number of boxes or keep what I have? This will be set up in a casual listing area where placement of speakers is limited but where I can enjoy more often. Just FYI, I will also be streaming with a Node 2i through a Prima Luna Tube Dac. I hope I posted this in the right area, it’s my 1st post.

Welcome naitman

Good question

I have the SN3 and the phono stage is excellent for what it was designed to do ie: MM cartridges

I initially used it with LP12 and Linn Akdiv MM cartridge just to get an idea

It’s good , but I’ve moved onto MC cartridges which are better

Try it with your current MC /phono set up and see what you think

I have not used a SN 3 but if you do a search using “SN3 Phono Stage” you will fine 50+ threads with responses. I have found the search function to be very useful and informative when looking for information with Naim gear.

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The MP 100/Delos will get a spin but I really don’t want to buy a MM cart just to compare. I had a 2mm Black prior to the delos and really liked it.

Thanks, i will give it a shot

Well yes agree on that one , no need to purchase a MM at all

If you like it with your current combo then just stick with it