New SuperNait 3 to make an appearance at RMAF 2019

Hey all. Just confirmed this with my local Naim dealer. Next Level HiFi, a premier dealer out of the Chicago area will be showcasing the new SuperNait 3 and its phono capabilities in room 4117 at Rocky Mountain Audiobook fest September 6-8 in Denver. The SuperNait 3 will sit alongside the NDX2 and a Rega Planar 6 w Exact MM Cartridge. The foundation and speaker/interconnect cables will be Ansuz and the speakers Kudos. Should be a great room to hear the improvements over the SN2 and hear a great combo.

Let me know if anyone will be in attendance at the show. First time going. Should be fun.

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I’m thinking of going
Just checking into hotels and flights

Thought you were based on U.K. ?

Is this a vacation as well ?

Me ?
I’m based in Toronto Canada a short jump to Denver ( kinda )

It’s arrived. Initial Impressions very favorable More later.


Will you be swapping out your SN2 for one? Would also be curious how it does with with Contour 30? Compared to 250?

Down the road probably. We only listened to it for around 20 min as we are shipping to RMAF Monday, but overall this is gonna be a killer integrated. We played it in a larger room and I don’t think we made it past 8am on the volume control. Very detailed and plenty of controlled low end. Truly a delight to listen to. We were feeding it from the UnitiNova fixed output streaming Tidal. Also tried a Naim CD player. Can’t wait for people to hear this combo. Wow. Great bang for the buck.


@JNelson2000 do you work for the dealer? "We . . . "

He is the dealer I believe…

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Tyler owns the dealership – great guy! (Unless this is another Chicago area dealer, but I don’t THINK it is.) If he owns or works for a dealer and is posting as such, he should identify that in his forum title. @Richard.Dane can help with that.

No he does not work there,just hangs out there.

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No. Friend of Tyler, owner of Next Level HiFi in Chicago.

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Hope its a great show, be interested in yours and others feedback👍

Which Loudspeaker plays?

Kudos Super 20 in the video. Also played with the X2s. Both sounded fantastic with the SN3.


Cool – say hi for me. Tyler’s a great guy!

I might be able to get there this year; have been trying for a long time! Schedule never works out.

Will do. You should come. It’s gonna be a blast.