New system ... well, not so new

Hi guys a noobie here so go gentle haha!

Ok, so i’m in the process of building my first Naim system. I’ve purchased a Nac 32.5 chrome bumper and also a Hi Cap. When i’ve sold my current intergrated amp i will then buy the amps.
My current speakers are Audiovector M3 super and are capable of tri amping at 300w.
What i’m thinking, is going with 3x Nap 140’s chrome or olive … Thoughts please guys!

Sounds like the kind of system you can build up in stages
Buy one 140 to get started…then another…
Should sound sweet!!

I would make sure the 32.5 and hicap are serviced first. Then, the most used combinations of power amps are the 140 and 250.

Only after that I would go for the active setup.

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