New Thorens TD 1600 / 1601

Anyone got one or getting one?
Any views on the new model welcome.

I never heard one, but did look into them a while back.
The tonearm is supposed to be really good, and the TD-1601 is the only high-end turntable I know of with auto-lift and auto shut off which is a really nice to have feature IMO.

There’s a review on Analog Planet.

Later this year, once I have moved house and have had a dedicated spur installed for the hifi, I will be hoping to add a turntable to my set up. I am wanting to utilise the MM phono stage that is in the SN3. On my shortlist are:

  1. Rega P8
  2. Clearaudio Wood
    The Rega P8 is an obvious choice but I’d rather go for a classic looking TT, hence the Clearaudio Wood. This got me thinking about alternatives and I am now finding myself curious about the new Thorens TD 1601. The Majik LP12 (w Adikt MM cart) is the most beautiful piece of hifi there is IMHO and I’d love one but feel out of my depth with the tinkering and technical stuff that they appear to require to ensure they function at their best. I’m really after something that is more plug and play.

What an absolutely hideous looking thing it is. The plinth is too big, there is ridge above the top plate and it generally looks like something knocked up in a shed as part of a ‘let’s do retro’ project. It’s just indescribably awful.

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It looks like the TD160 on purpose - some will like it, some won’t

The 160 is fine. It’s smaller and there isn’t a wall around the outside. The 1600 just looks wrong and out of proportion.

there is an edge, just less high. It’s not for me either, but tastes differ

I agree. Some people like shed retro.

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Talking of retro

They’ve done a high torque direct drive deck that will take an SPU.


That retro fashion seems widespread today.
Like the Project classic evo

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New 124 DD. 8k!!

I could say the same thing about your P8. Different strokes for different folks.
Maybe you could add some something constructive for the OP? As it would be safe to assume he knew how it looked and was still interested.

@1GiantLeap Perhaps consider the SL-1200/1210GR or SL-1200G to your list, assuming you can live with the marmite looks of those. But it’s certainly classic looking :wink:

I’d need some convincing but unlike some the looks don’t put me off.
Whether the precision of adjustment available with that arm is enough to cope with a replicant stylus equipped SPU, I’m not so sure of.
There’s a very narrow range where the Royal N gets an extra spring in its step that’s very addictive when on used my Reference, though if you’ve never landed on it you may not miss it. That could be the finickiness of the Schröder design as the Proteus also had a narrow sweet spot on it and I used to do OK with that cartridge on an Aro which has a similar counterweight setup. It was sweeter on the Schröder though.
If you ever investigate, try an SPU Royal GM on the Thorens.

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I don’t see the need to say something constructive. The OP doesn’t own it and it looks like crap. There is nothing wrong with simply saying that, surely?

My July issue of HFN arrived earlier with a review of the new TD124. Should be an interesting read

I just pointed my surprise on the high price, as you can have a restored TD 124 for 2/3k today, for example by Schopper.
But maybe that one is greatly improved ?

If you’re still on a turntable quest (did you ever go to Toulouse?) you have an excuse to find out for yourself, unless the looks of it put you off, or the Taiwan manufacture (at least it’s not China like the Well Tempereds).

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I have already bought the P10, and Lyra Kleos. And Innuos PhoenixNet. I upgraded my 2 sources :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Will have it on Wednesday.
Instead of only one with the Vertere…And the Unipivot arm discouraged me a bit.

Maybe something like “ in my opinion it looks like crap”. Or how about I have nothing helpful or constructive to to say so maybe I’ll check my Ego at the door and STFU. Didn’t your Mama tell you if you got nothing nice to say then say nothing. Bad fish, bad :fish: