New to 72/140-What do I need to know?

So whilst 2 out of my 3 sources are Naim, ( NDX2/XPSDR and CD5 xs), my amps are not Naim.

As above i have finally bought my self a 72/140 combo to be at the centre of a second system I’m building. Sources will be a CD5si and my Rega 25 TT with the exact MM cart. I will get the 72/140 to either Salisbury or Sheffield in the new year, as they have not been serviced.

But, Naim amps have always been a mystery to me.
SNAICS, HI-CAPS, odd speaker connections, daughter boards.
What to I need to know and what mistakes will I make ?!!

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The 140 should come with a SNAIC 4. This will carry power to the 72 and signal from the 72 to the 140.

If the 72 has MM boards Darran will service them, if it hasn’t then you need 322 boards from the usual sources. Ask Darran first. :slight_smile:

Thanks. This is a whole new world for me. I’m used to RCA connectors!

If you have BNC connections on the back of the 72 then Darran can change these to quality RCAs when you get the service done.

Check what boards you have in the 72. If you are lucky it will be fully loaded! If not Darran may have some spare boards you can purchase.

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There might be a manual online, its quite simple to connect the 4-pin Snaic between pre/power.
You will need a 5-pin blanking plug.

Using the phono input require 322 cards.
I’d not use BNC/RCA connectors as they are a degrading link, unfortunately most turntables have RCA fitted, so above advise is very good.

I’d look for a working CD3 if possible, otherwise a Rega CD. Entry-levels CD5i or Si was never my cup…

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Make sure you get some long runs of loudspeaker cable. I found cables shorter than 5 metres sounding worse than 5 metres and longer. I only use Linn K20 or Naim Nac A5 & naim plugs.

It has BNCs, and if course the Rega has RCAs, so that’s a good call about getting Darran to fit RCAs.
I already have a decent phono stage was thinking about taking out the Naim MM cards and fitting link boards- NA 326???.
Or are the standard MM boards good and best left in?

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Are these what I need to use, or will regular 4mm banana plugs work?

Use these. They’re ideal here.

I second the recommendation of a CD3 - a combination of Philips’ best mech (CDM9) and DAC chips TDA1541A Crown with Naim’s lovely pull-out drawer and excellent electronics. A very characterful player (in a good way) and a secondhand bargain too.


The standard MM boards are rather good. I’d give them a try first and see how you get on.

I use WH Phantom speaker cable with my CB set. It is flexible and to my ears better then NACA and the banana plugs work just fine.

You just need to make a choice.


Congrats on your 72/140 purchase, as you probably already know a HiCap will provide a useful upgrade at some future point.
Be aware the connections on elderly HiCaps are different, pre SN: 105469 the 5/5 goes to the same socket 4 as there is only on 5 pin anyway and the 4/4 snaic goes to socket 1.

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I’m starting to realise this has become more than a 72/140.
A service will need to be on the agenda. Naim have already confirmed their build dates, and that they have not returned since build.
Already on the look out for an olive hicap.
Already asked my dealer to keep an eye out. But he says they don’t see many as they tend to be retained. Did suggest a pre owned newer/non olive hicap dr are easier to find. Not sure about that.

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I would get BNC’s fitted to your Rega deck - and not change the BNC’s to Phono on the 72. BNC’s are just … better. More…Naim.

NA322 Phone boards are the Magnetic version. NA323 are the Moving Coil version - which come in S, E & K variants (ask if you need to…).

Apart from that… You - @Thegreatroberto - will have a brilliant combo…!!! I also have a 140 - currently running with my 82… :slightly_smiling_face: I also have a 72… in storage.

Also - yes - to loooking for an Olive Hicap. Likely to also need a service. Should come with a 5 pin SNAIC.

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Try it in place of your primary system. (oops what did I say)

Haha. I will. Not sure what I’ll do if I prefer it though!

Leave the a hicap purchase for later, better to get used to how it sounds without one for a while… so when you do include a hicap later the difference will be better appreciated.

The later classic triptych style hicap is fine to power a 72 and IME does a slightly better job than an Olive hicap. However the olive hicap is still a perfectly good performer and will cost less, and look better in keeping for uniform olive style.


Thats a new one… had to think a bit… :laughing:

Thanks, what I was thinking too. The boxes will need a service, so just contacted Darran.
I would prefer an olive Hicap to match. And yes that will be a bit down the road, I’m in no rush for Olive Utopia just yet! I arguably paid strong money for my 72/140. But I wanted good condition and boxes, rather than functional. I know they have not been back to Salisbury, so checking with Darran. But am expecting services to be required.
As I stated at the start this is quite a departure for e and a whole new world. Especially as I have never heard Naim amplification. I have always looked the power outputs and decided they were too underpowered to sound any good. But, I must be wrong.


You can take out the phono cards in case deciding for external stage.
Free upgrade

May I ask what speakers to use ?
I’m sure you are not the first to be fooled by Naim power output specs.
My old Nait 3 (30w) wasn’t that far behind a Rotel (200w) not to mention the Nait sounded much much better.

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Naim’s recommendation is 8 to 10 years for Olives to be serviced.
Priority would be the 140 here… :thinking: