New to 72/140-What do I need to know?

Thanks, and that was where I was. Given that I cant use one without the other, I think, subject to £££s, I’d get the two serviced at the same time.

Speakers. Well, my main system is PMC 20.26. The second system I 'm building would be Dali Zensor 1s.
The power thing has always confused me a bit. Some manufacturers are always very bullish about their 500w/ch into 8 ohm RMS blah, blah. Yet Naim will quote 70w/ch into 4 ohms, that equates to what 35w into 8 ohm?
I’ve always thought they must be a bit weedy ! But, I have never heard a Naim amp. So, this could be a revolution. And a potentially expensive one.

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The phono cards are NA322/4. Is that MM? And what does the /4 mean?

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Budget for a cost of around £200 per item - and you will be close… :slightly_smiling_face:

Naim Watts are a lot bigger than anyone elses… !! A 250 is I think 70wpc for the original, 80wpc for the New 250…? A 140 was listed as 45wpc by Naim, when current…
Current, geddit… :laughing:


NA322 - is the MM - Moving Magnet - board.
/4 will be version 4 - @Richard.Dane may shed more light here.

Nothing more to add here, except to say that the NA322/4s are the final version.

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Thanks for the information/education.
I have wanted a half sized set up for a while. OK, 30 years.
Its good there is still active support for this kit, which is part of the appeal.

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Just waiting to hear back from Darran. My daughter is a student at Yorkshire’s 2nd finest University, so I could drop them off sometime. When we are out of tier 4 that is.

Yes there is the option to go active using cute half size boxes too …

I found the recipt for my 72/140 last week when going through my paperwork, picked it up from the Sound organisation 19 years ago. Still have the 72, but the 140 was swapped for a 250 three years ago.

Lovely combination and well worth finding a nice hicap for it when possible.

The servicing improves things, mine were a bit too bright before service.

Its a great combination, performs above its price point IMHO.

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Go on. How much were they 19 years sgo?

£400/each (second hand).

I would love to have owned a 72. I have lockdown envy!

You still can! You have written it in the past tense.

Well, you have not lost your money. And have been able to have had the benefit of using them for the past 19 years!

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Be prepared for them to blow you away.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing your other amps straight in the trash. Take your time to sell them off properly and maximize the sales proceeds so you can replace them with other vintage Naim amps.

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No chance. I am a big fan of my 252 and have no space or need for a second system. But those half box preamps always got me salivating…


Roberto, in all seriousness, prepare for a surprise

Har har

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I have a 72 & 140 as ‘spares’. These cost me £283 & £287 respectively, back in 2009, from the well known auction site… :astonished:

The 140 has just recently been serviced by Class A - thank you @Darran - and its sound fabulous…!!
The 72 is still on the To Do list… Maybe in 2021…?


Genuinely excited to receive this pair next week.
I did ask the seller if the 72 had its link plug. I got reply so, to avoid disappointment bought one if these 5 pinned ones. Tell me I bought the correct one ( just in case)?

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