New to Naim APP, question

Maybe I am doing something wrong as its my first time with the Naim App. I’m using a Samsung T7 connected directly to a 272 via USB. I have 300 ish folders on the drive with flac files in them.
Using the players front panel controls, it has no problem seeing and playing everything on the drive. However, the app does not bring up anything at all when I select USB unless I play an album first on the unit, then the app only shows that 1 album. What am I doing wrong? TIA.

From the Naim app home screen select Servers then Local Music and see if that works any better.
Long term you’ll be better off with the files stored on a device on your network and served up with a proper UPnP server like Asset or Minimserver

I did see that when searching this forum on another thread, however, I do not have any server settings in my naim app. Maybe that is only available with the newer naim products?

You are right. The 272 doesn’t have a local server option.

But this is the way to do it….

So what I am understanding here is that it is just not possible to plug a SSD directly to a 272 and use the app to control it? If so, I guess I will put my NODE back into the mix until I sort out some sort of UPnP server setup.

I will give this server thing a try, I did run a NAS many years ago, maybe I will set up something similar.

Thanks for the replies.

It is a pale imitation of a proper source of music if you use the USB socket on a 272. It was designed as an iPhone input to the 272.

You can do it on all the new platform devices, because they set up their own upnp server. But for the legacy units, you have to do it for them, for example on a NAS. But then it will work really well. Good luck. Lot’s of people here can help if you need while on your journey.

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