New to Naim & loving it

In the space of a month I’ve been fortunate to put together a 5i-2 & a NAT-05.

Am I correct in understanding that these are best left powered up ? I see that the power consumed by the amp at idle is insignificant, likely the same for the tuner.

I certainly don’t want to subject the speakers to the pronounced pop when the amp is powered up. As for the tuner, there doesn’t seem to be any issues powering up the tuner with the amp already powered …

Please advise, Chris


Always on bar thunderstorms.


Welcome Chris to the Forum. All Naim gear is designed and recommended to be power up all the time, so that it is ready to play at its very best. The pop sound is normal, and will not harm anything


Super, much as I understand from the manual … now I just have to find a double DIN 5-pin cable…

Thanks for the welcome… will be leaving this on… who’d have thought just a change in tuner (from a very good Arcam) & connector would result in a profound difference to the FM experience.

In other news, collecting a Muso tomorrow…


Apart during thunderstorms, or if you leave your home for several days.

Hi @Sbcinternational

Its worth looking on line for a Naim interconnect. Not the cheapest but certainly the best value as it delivers high quality performance in a Naim system

Welcome to the forum. What were you using before?


Hello and welcome to the forum.
Two very capable components you have there. I’d be looking to source a new Din to Din I/C from a Naim dealer.
Leave them powered up all the time (except as others have said during thunderstorms or if you’re away a few days).
Remember the amp is the last unit to be switched on and the first to be switched off.

Good to be here!

Since 1986, a Cyrus 1 & matching tuner, Mission 70/2 speakers. Now retired to the office along with a California Audiolab Sigma tube DAC.

Now 5i/2 amp, NAT O5 & Moon 100D, speakers are Monitor Audio SE 20 25th Anniversary ( the last of the UK-built speakers).

Ought to be good for the next 25 years!

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See below… update, added a Muso yesterday… a first gen demo unit from a dealer who is moving on from Naim.

While the sound quality is superb, the ease of using all these pieces is a genuine pleasure. AirPlay2 is what I’m using for the principal stereo (Airport Extreme, digital out to a Moon DAC, all from an iPad Pro).

Yes, usability is a great plus.

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