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Does anyone have any advice on how I can get DAB radio from my iMac to stream through my NAC/NAP 92/90? No wires allowed. Bluetooth? Thanks

What outputs does your DAB radio have? Probably not Bluetooth, and then you would need a BT input of some sort for the HiFi. I think it would be easier to add an internet radio source, such as a phone via a Chromecast Audio, which would give you a wider selection of radio stations an other options too.

Thanks Chris. It will really only be to stream Radio 6 Music. I currently listen through my iMac and am moving my hifi into the same room, hence the thought. Dont want to add more wires if at all possible. Something that picks up bluetooth and plugs into a Naim DIN input?

I’m with Chris. Chromecast audio is a better option than Bluetooth, as long as you have a good WiFi signal near your Naim kit.

I used to use the audio 3.5mm out to an RCA in to an old A60 amp, but that’s wire. With a Mac, best bet is an Airplay receiver ()3rd generation Apple TV or an Airport Express, or even an old phone/ipod) connected to an amp and broadcast from internet radio/web?

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An Airport Express should do the trick. No need for anything fancy - just a £15 secondhand unit from the usual places. However you will need a 3.5mm jack to DIN5 interconnect as well.

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I use my Apple TV running through my TV to a 52 (mind you I was only playing around to see what the Apple TV would do as I would normally rely on iRadio).

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The Chromecast Audio is a small thing that you could hide behind the hifi and connect to your phone via WiFi, likewise with an Airport Express. No doubt there are Bluetooth receivers with an analogue output that would do the job too, although I have found WiFi to be generally more robust than Bluetooth.


Many thanks all. Some great advice there.

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