New to streaming with Node

I’ve just bought the new version of the Bluesound Node and my initial impressions are good. I’ve been listening to Radio Paradise quite a lot in MQA and it sounds very good. I’m just about to listen to a couple of things on Amazon Music.

I have a few questions for seasoned Node users to hopefully enable me to get more from this player.

Firstly, I’m struggling to find other “live” Radio Stations - I seem to be able to find archived stuff easily though.

Secondly, what radio stations do you guys recommend?

Lastly, for now at least, the “Biggie” - I’ve seen posts on here where people have mentioned their files being automatically downgraded to MP3. How do I find what file standard I’m hearing? In trying to search for this in the settings menu I’ve tweaked some other stuff and found I prefer the sound with the tone settings switched off and the volume at fixed output.

Thanks in advance.
Steve O.

Radio Paradise is pretty much all you need. Regular and Chill do for 75% of my radio listening. Groove Salad by Soma FM does the other 25%.

A couple of things up’d the anti on my Node. The obvious but expensive one is the EE8 switch and Chord C-Stream, plus I soldered a two pin (fig of 8) socket to an old Naim power lead.

I find Radio Paradise all that I need. They play a lot of music I like.

I’m also with you on no tone control and bypassing the volume if you are going into a pre. I have mine into an Ndac and can see the HD light come on when playing HD tracks.

Not sure your need to listen to RP in MQA format unless something is unfolding it for you. CD quality works fine for me.

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Radio is BBC, Paradise, Smooth UK , Smooth jazz, and Soma. If you create a tunein account you can search on just about anything for your preferences.

Amazon HD subscription here but before HD there was no download in mp3. It could be a setting in Amazon itself according to network speed?

It runs into a Qutest so I can see the download quality.

No tone, volume fixed here.
The good thing is once you have your radio stations or playlists established you can save them into the presets and use a remote to play without going to an ipad or phone etc.

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