New to streaming…

I don’t use system automation, I have no Naim pre. But even if, I wouldn’t use it for optimal sound quality. But it’s another subject.

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Speaking of automation… We are in 2022, to me it should be basic functionality.

I have 3 types of listening contexts.
1- The back ground music. KEF LSX in diner/kitchen room (Spotify)
2- The quicky. Main system UnitiQute / Harbeth P3ESR in living room. I sit and listen to a few songs. (Mostly Spotify)
3- The listening session. Main system, I move the seat and speakers from esthetic position to acoustic position then show time. (Mainly local NAS server)

I have to admit that the 2 firsts setups got me TOTALLY addicted to volume and song control on my Apple Watch via Spotify anywhere in the house.
I just can’t live without it anymore to the point that my next main system upgrade will also need to be at least be easy to control from my IPhone. It’s from now on a “Must have”

You are so happy enjoying that great song? Sorry neighbors, for the next 3 min I’m partying like when I was young. Kicking up the volume.

Wife is trying to talk to you from the other side of the house (again). NP, roll that mini watch dial lower down.

Daughter is asking for another ride to her friends house? NP roll the dial up again and pretend you can’t hear. :wink:

I think maybe I should start a Go Fund Me so Naim can make his app available on watches. I would love it so much, I can live with the SQ impact. But that’s just me… :wink:

Update… spent a week with a Node 2 … it’s going back.

Likely the DAC is inferior to the Rega. No matter whether Ethernet or wifi, it’s underwhelming.

Great French people! It’s a shame and a pity that most of the talented Huguenots was driven out of France by the Catholics.

When I visited South Africa, I was told that the wine industry was started and established by the Huguenots.

Eight American Presidents (George Washington, Ulysses S.Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Lyndon Johnson) had proven Huguenot ancestry.

Quite right, heretics my arse! Such social control the Catholic church had in those days.

That’s quite a list of fellow Huguenots. I had no idea my ancestry had such a heady base.
Thanks for the history.

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I am afraid that honour goes to the Dutch rather than to the Huguenots. Still, there is great wine down there.

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