New To Streaming

After almost 2 years waiting for my CDS3 to be fixed, I give up and purchased a used NDS (collecting it today). Now I know nada about steaming, except of what I’ve read on this forum…to be honest, Im no more wiser than I was before, lol.

My needs are very simple. I don’t need any complicated connections, components or the need to listen to every internet radio or streaming services available. All I need is to listen to my ripped CDs, downloaded FLAC files and the occasional internet radio station using the supplied remote control. All my music are on my PC.

So, for all those before who has gone this route, what is the simplest way to achieve my goal?

My system is 552, 500 SL2 and FRAIMed.


Hi Nan, you need somewhere to store your ripped CDs and some server software to serve the music to your streamer. I would advise purchasing a NAS (Network-attached Storage). Recommended makes are QNAP and Synology. You would then save your albums in a folder on the NAS. Most NASs come with some server software installed and ready to use, but it’s often rather basic in comparison with dedicated server software. Forum favourites for this are Asset and Minimserver. These allow you to search your stored albums to find the music you want to listen to and play it. And that is done using the Naim app on your phone or tablet.

One other thing. The server software uses information stored in the music files (metadata) to do the searching. So when you start ripping it’s a good idea to use software such as dBpoweramp as this can usually find and insert the metadata for you.

It’s all quite logical but there is a bit of a learning curve before it becomes intuitive.

And apologies for teaching you to suck eggs if you know all this already.



The easiest and best sounding way,use an USB stick,plug it into the NDS and control and play from the Focal & Naim app.
It is a big upgrade from the CDS3 and the NDS is the second best Naim streamer.


Thanks, very clear and informative. Like I said in my original post, I know very little about streaming, so I don’t mind sucking some eggs, lol.

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That sounds more like it. :smile:

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As you have the music our your PC, you just need the uPnP software installed and connect the NDS to the server and connect through the Naim app and your good to go.

Storing the files on your network (NAS/PC) will be a better way to manage and enjoy the music as well as get better SQ for your NDS.

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You can control the music on the USB stick with the remote,so you don’t have to use the app .

Hello Mike. This may sound dense… is the uPnP software part of Windows or do I need to install separately?

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Look at Minim or Asset.

As per Peakmans and Neil’s response. I have a Mac :flushed:, if your PC has a digital audio output, that might be another option if you have the right cable.

Have you ever used a USB stick on a 1st gen Naim streamer?

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I use it on my NDS everyday.

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Yes, it works, but it’s nothing like as easy or pleasing as UPnP from a NAS


Well the only thing you need is an USB stick, no
Internet if you want to control it from the remote.

You don’t need the internet to play music from a UPnP server with the Naim App.

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But you need a Wi-Fi for the App…
Oh well I only wanted to help with what I find is the easiest way and best sounding option for the NDS.


WiFi works without the internet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I know ,sorry .


I purchased a NAS in 2017 and have copied or download around 2000 albums and stream to my NDX 2. Simple as pie.

I bought a Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay back then use the dBpoweramp Music Converter to rip my CD’s to the NAS.

If this old man can do it then so can you.

Using the NAIM app on my iPad I am currently listening to albums from my NAS as I type this and they sound fabulous!

Good luck with your decision…

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