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As the title suggests, not new to Naim though, I’ve been an owner for 20 something years now and couldn’t be happier at the fact. Basically my system is a Michell Orbe SME V, CD5XS, 52SC 135s, Focal Micro Utopia. There’s a Headline and a pair of Grado GS1000e there as well for the early mornings too

All in all I’m very happy with it as is but an impending house move means that I’m 90% sure the speakers will need to go up against the wall, so this morning I bought a pair of SL2s, I can’t say as I’ve ever heard a pair before, SBLs yes and loved them but the SL2 has a better wife approval factor so I will give them a go and see what happens, the plan ten would be another pair of 135s and a NAXO. I’ll keep hold of the Focals until I’m 100% sure I’m happy just in case.

Other than that I’m a retired systems administrator currently hiding from the world, completely out of touch with the current HiFi world as I’ve been content for a long time and not kept up

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Hi Colin welcome :+1:

Nice system, love the Orbe. I’m sure the SL2’s will be very nice? I’ve only heard a pair once but the speed and dynamics where amazing.

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Welcome Colin, i am sure there will be plenty of good SL2 advice to hand on the forum.

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Welcome Colin!
Nice pair of speakers and headphones.

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SL2s… nice. Enjoy!

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Welcome @ColinP. That’s a fine 4 box amp and I believe the SL2’s are equally fine. Not heard them either. I am content with my SBL’s. Looking forward to seeing pics of your system and some good natured chat.

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Thank you all. I will need all the help I can get with the SL2s I know next to nothing about them other than up against a brick wall on a solid floor preferably with nothing in between them. Buying blind like that isn’t something I’d normally consider but given the current climate it seems safer, even if they don’t work out for me I can sell them on at about the same price and it will have been an interesting learning experience. I imagine they will sound quite different to the Utopias but that can be fun in itself revisiting all sorts of music.

I’ll be collecting them next week but they can sit in their boxes until the new year before I touch them as the wife has put the Christmas tree up in-front of one of the Utopias which in turn has moved back 12" to it’s Christmas position and sounds awful there

This is the system as it was about a year ago (without a tree in the way


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