New to the Naim forum and in need of streamer advice!

Naim system elements: Supernait 3, CD 5Si, l/s cables

I had always planned to move to a Naim streamer eventually but hear conflicting advice. NDX 2 would be favourite but will it stream from my WD Cloud NAS? The FLAC files have all been created through a Bluesound Vault. Playback to the Supernait through a Bluesound Node has a distinctly flat quality which I presume a NDX 2 would improve on significantly. My favourlte music is still played off CD or vinyl originals as opposed to from the rips on the Vault simply because they sound a whole lot better.

I am not at this stage particularly interested in streaming from the internet, just my 2000+ ripped CD collection (I am about half way through the re-ripping process for reasons explained below).

I held off from the Bluesound route as I was badly burnt when a decade or more ago I bought a whole stack of Olive kit, NOT the Naim equipment so characterised but the American CD player/ripper/server system that was totally a closed system and which then went bust. It was only when I was persuaded that the Bluesound system files are readable from a backup/NAS by other systems and I saw that other manufacturers were adopting the system that I made the purchases, after a lot of angst. I was told the backups would then be ready for a Naim streamer when the time came, but is this correct? What are the pitfalls? I used to believe I was computer literate, but reading some of the posts here I realise I am out of my depth.

Advice gratefully received.

Assuming your rips are standard FLAC file, you should be fine.
The NAS either needs to be plugged directly into the USB port on the NDX2, or it needs some sort of UPNP server software running. It may have something built in (Twonky, possibly). Most people prefer either Asset or Minimserver as alternatives, but it may not be possible to install / run them on your WD.
The easiest thing is to check whether it already has the UPNP server software installed.

Welcome to the forum. The NDX2 is certainly the natural partner for your SN3 and a great source. I don’t know if the WD Cloud NAS comes with a UPnP server or if you can install one. If yes, the NDX2 can use it. Be aware that the NDX2 canNOT mount a remote drive via a file sharing protocol like SMB

Be aware that molehills are frequently turned into mountains. A working home network is essentially all that’s really needed. The rest is optional and some people are convinced that highly elaborate setups are worthwhile. Whether they do make a real difference is something I’m trying to avoid discussing, but certainly it’s not necessary for having good sound from a streamer


To be able to stream from the NAS it must have upnp server software loaded. I tried a WD when I first started streaming years ago and it was pretty useless, though they may have improved over the years. If it was me I’d buy a good NAS, a Synology or Qnap, and load Asset upnp. Put the files on the new nas and you’ll be able to stream to a NDX2 faultlessly. In the scheme of things a few £00s for a good NAS is not a lot of money.

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You won’t be able to really enjoy the Ndx2 if not adding a Taiko SGM server to it. It’s a minimum to reach its potential. Then of course, needless to say, 2 PhoenixNet switches in cascade mode, with some Anzus Ethernet cables . Good luck.
Network first. Source is near optional.


Is that really helpful to a first time poster seeking advice?


Make absolute sense here! A simple, working home network will work best.


I’m sure that was a joke, but to be fair it’s not always easy to tell, compared to certain other posts about networking requirements


Lost in translation. :wink:

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Yep, it’s a waste of time for playing music due to it being a closed system. All I use it for is Plex, security camera recordings and a music backup from my QNAP.

As above forget the WD Cloud NAS :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s a joke, but would the OP, or would they waste their time looking up what all the things mentioned are? It’s nice to welcome new members.



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Of course it’s nice.
I prefer to welcome him to the crazy forum and prepare him to empty his wallet. All with some humor, If possible.


Hi Icortit, given the system you have, I would think the NDX2 would be a fine addition. However, I suggest that for a trouble free life and good listening, you could get rid of the WD NAS and get a Uniti Core instead. You should be able to transfer FLAC files that you have already ripped, over to the Core without problems, although the Core is a competent ripper in its own right. This will work seamlessly with your NDX2 and will sound so good that I expect that you may soon re-evaluate your CD (and vinyl) usage going forward.

I have very recently upgraded from a Uniti Star to a Supernait 3 and an NDX2; both the Star & the NDX2 have no issues communicating (via wi-fi) with my “ripped > FLAC” CDs on my Synology NAS. I did not knowingly create a UPnP server on the NAS, but for all I know there is one in it by default.

There’s a basic UPnP server bundled with a Synology NAS. It works fine, although some prefer the extra versatility of servers such as Asset or Minimserver.

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I can’t really see what that achieves. Is an NDX2 really so much more complicated to use that a Vault. Even if it is, surely you would just buy a DAC rather than spending a lot more money on a combined streamer/DAC and only using the DAC.

Thanks all for your helpful advice. (And it’s OK - I realised it was intended as a joke).
Funnily enough I wanted a Synology when I went looking for a NAS last winter but no one had anything in stock, even from internet firm search results I had never heard of, let alone an enclosure loaded with Seagate Red, so I ended up with what at the time seemed to be the last WD 4TB Raid on earth . A dedicated Synology or Qnap sounds like the way to go at the point I buy Naim streamer.
I’ll let you know how I get on when I do them both.

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You can look into Roon to see if it is good for you. You do not need any NAS at all if you use Roon, all you need is a PC to run the Roon Sever or you can run the Roon Server on your chosen NAS and optionally some smart mobile devices like iphone, ipad, android phone as a remote control.

Thanks for that @ChrisSU - every day is a school day!

At present in addition to my NDX2 I run a Synology NAS (which is in part a music server) and a dedicated NUC running Roon ROCK.

Am I best

  • plugging a USB HDD with my ripped FLAC files in to the back of the NDX
  • putting my ripped FLAC files on a Synology NAS (but upgrading to Asset / minimserver / similar)
  • putting my ripped FLAC files on an internal SSD within the Roon ROCK NUC
  • or perhaps plugging the USB HDD in to the back of the Roon ROCK NUC

When I had my Uniti Star, I only ever used Roon to access my FLAC files, and suspect that this will continue to be the case with the NDX2.