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Hi I’ve got a 5.1 pioneer amp and monitor audio in wall 5.1 speakers in my kitchen lounge and was thinking of changing the amp, what do you think I should look at?
I’ve got the atom with bowers&wilkins in my man shed and its mint!

Are you looking to just change the 5.1 amp?
What budget did you have in mind?

Which Pioneer?

Why do you want to change it?

Can’t offer current recommendations and my Pioneer has not seen much action recently I’m afraid but it was great vfm.

Ive got a pioneer SC-LX901 and its great but never really use it for 5.1 we just use it for streaming
and its a bit complicated for the kids and friends when they use it. So looking to sell it and get
something easier to use. We have the atom in our garden room and its great. So we are looking along that line but try to keep 4 speakers with 2 in another room?

I used to have a combination of a NAIT and an Arcam AVR.
I now have a Linn Selekt DSM that is configured for 5.1 using internal amps.
I think it depends on your speaker arrangements partly, do you want a dedicated surround setup that also does 2 channel well/good enough?
What will it be used for the most, do you actually want/need an amp that supports surround decode?
You could even use the Atom or similar and have the TV as an input over HDMI ARC.
Budget and space/setup complexity need quantification up front.
If you wanted a single box that does all these things and a few more, something like a Selekt DSM is worth a look, I’ve been happy with mine so far.

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