New to Uniti star: storage question

Hi all.

I’ve recently had my Uniti Star delivered and I have a quick question about storage, which I’m sure has been covered before, but I couldn’t find a thread.

If I connect a usb ssd and rip cds to it using the star, will it be possible to take that drive and attach it to my iMac to add flac files purchased as downloads?

Just wondering if the star would read files added from elsewhere mixed in with cds ripped on the star.



Yes it will.

You will have to configure the SSD as a music store before you can rip and store WAV or FLAC files to it.

Yes, I do that.

@ChrisJohnWaite I do not know whether the Uniti Star works like the Initi Core. If so, be aware of the fact that the metadata of WAV and FLAC rips are treated in completely different ways:

Metadata of WAV rips are stored in a Naim specific format that can only be read and edited with Naim software and that is not exportable to standard formats. This makes WAV rips metadata essentially unusable in non-Naim systems.

Metadata of FLAC rips are embedded in the rips and can be read and edited with any software that honors the FLAC specification. They can be used in any system.

Given the difference, I would always rip to FLAC. FLAC files can anyway be transcoded to WAV (ar any other format) on the fly by most UPnP servers.

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You don’t need to remove the drive from the Star and attach it to a computer to add downloads or other music files to it. You can access the Star music folder over the network by entering its IP address on your computer’s file browser. You’ll see a folder called Downloads - put them in there. The other folder, called Music, is only for storing CDs ripped on the Star.

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Thanks, that’s something I’m sure it’d have taken me ages to find out. Brilliant!


Great tip. Thanks very much!

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