New Uniti Core imports files to wrong place

I have just acquired a new Core to replace my failed Uniti Serve. Owing to a logistical problem (mine not his) my dealer could not transfer my existing rips from the Serve. However I have backups on a NAS (as well as the original CDs). So I installed the Core myself and went through the import procedure which ran overnight and completedsucessfully, with one problem.

All my existing files were placed in the Downloads folder on the Core. The Core obviously failed to recognise that they had all come from, and been ripped by, a Serve in Naim format (mostly .WAV, a few FLAC but all ripped on the Serve. This means that I cannot use the App to manage them, and in particular to Edit metadata. I understand I could use DBPoweramp or one of the other editors on the files in the Downloads folder but I really don’t want to be angaging with another piece of software to do something that the Core+App is designed to do.

Can anyone (David Hendon perhaps) suggest what has gone wrong, why Naim rips were not recognised and how I can get the rips from Downloads/Mq to Music/MQ, short of re-ripping the whole lot? I’d be perfectly happy to run the import routine again, slow though it is, if I could be certain the files would go to the right place.

I have done a forum search but can’t find anything in the current forums that fits the case.

Any and all assistance appreciated.

I suggest you to ask in the topic « happy birthday for the Core ». David Hendon is on travel actually.

This thread may be of help:

Many thanks FR and Richard. I did a search but didn’t see that very useful post.

This is very frustrating as I don’t have the Serve; the reason for trading it in was that it refused to boot and I thought it better to spend the cost of the repair on a new machine rather than limp on with the old one. I take the point about Naim erring on the side of Downloads if there was any doubt; but the fact is that not a single album went into Music/MQ. Everything was dumped into Downloads. I’ll now have to re-rip everytime I want to edit metadata. First world problems…

I replied in the post that Richard referred to.
The same thing happened to me when I imported all my rips from the Serve to the Core. All were dumped into the Downloads folder. Also, on many rips, the metadata edits I did on the Serve were changed. So it may be that the Core is supposed to recognize the Serve rips but it clearly didn’t for me and for Arcadian.

The US/Core transfer process is clearly flawed as it fails for quite a few people. I don’t think you need to re-rip though, there are plenty of decent metadata editors that would work fine, and which are more versatile than the Core/Naim app editor. Try Metadatics or MP3tag.

Chrissu is the right person to help. You can wait till @davidhendon will be available too.
I had the same problem when I wanted to transfer all my music from the Unitserve to the Melco. A tekie guy helped me at that time.

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