New Uniti Nova

This is my first post here, so hi everyone.

I currently have the original Muso and Muso Qb.
I am wanting to buy a Uniti Nova but don’t want to get one only to find out that a new model comes out shortly afterwards.
As the Uniti Nova is a few years old now surely it must be due an update soon.

Any thoughts or rumours?

It is highly unlikely that an updated version will appear soon. Naim have said that they are not rushing to introduce anything new at the moment. I would not worry - if you want one, get one.

Thanks, I have heard one and really like it.

I guess my other thought would be whether you might wish to consider an ND5XS2 and a Nait XS3. The combination sounds a bit better than the Nova but costs £300 more. A lot depends on whether you prefer the one box ‘lifestyle’ approach or a more traditional hifi. The Nait XS3 includes a very good moving magnet phono stage should you have, or decide to get, a turntable.

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Hi Geoff, and welcome to the Forum

Although launched a few years ago now, the Uniti Atom, Star and Nova were designed to evolve via software updates, which is exactly what they’ve done to date. We’ve already added AirPlay 2, native Qobuz high-resolution music streaming and HD radio, with TIDAL Connect support and more exciting additions due this year alone, with more into 2022.

No plans to replace any of these existing Uniti models - buy with confidence!


Welcome to the forum. Good solid advice from HH.

I’ve a Nova and love it but have not long added a turntable and have had to use an external phono stage. Also the Nova is digital only so in theory the separate amplifier would be purer. It doesn’t bother me but everyone has their preferences. Upgrade flexibility is also potentially easier with separates.

I don’t think you could go wrong with either route though so best of luck and enjoy!

I should add that Naim equipment has traditionally lasted aeons for me and I’ve no intention of getting rid of my Nova for at least 10 years. Equipment that’s a few years into its life then becomes almost irrelevant imho.

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I recently went the (more or less) separates route but couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the Nova so it now has a life as a second system and it constantly reminds me of how good it is. Better looking too IMO!


Good choice - we have Nova in our second system. As that’s in our home office, have listened to it more than the main system the past working-from-home year!

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I have a Nova which was bought new in July and it is the best all in one I have had. Previously had a Superuniti and also tried a Cyrus Lyric 3. The Nova looks great, has all the inputs you need. I went this way instead of separates because I do not like the Naim way of having to add power supplies to get the best out of it. With the Nova I know it is at its best. The streaming side is wonderful and since the latest software upgrade none of the previous gremlins have manifested themselves. Get the Nova you won’t regret it.


All you folks with Novas as 2nd systems. I know I shouldn’t covet but …:joy:

@Naim.Marketing. I read in another thread that your office setup has a pair of Kanta 2’s on the end of your Nova. Now that’s some 2nd system!

Not jealous :joy:

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Do not forget about the power cable. I tried many, I did not try the Naim Power-Line Cable.
However, improving the sound after connecting the Tellurium Q Black Power Cable is amazing (connection directly to the socket in the wall). Currently, I would not like to listen to the Nova on the cable from the box.


I know… me too. :yum:

You should change the approach,
by not desiring the last big thing:
If you love it, buy it.


That’s an interesting option but I would prefer to go down the one box route as we are quite minimalist style wise nowadays. I will try and have a listen though as I could be tempted.
I’ve done the multi box bi-amping etc and although I appreciate the better sound quality available I like simplicity.
No records for me any more. My last player was a Roksan Xerxes which I loved. I bought all the stock from a second hand record shop that was closing and had around 8000 at one point. Records everywhere, the wife was not overly impressed!


That’s good to know.
I’ll buy with confidence. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the replies everyone.
I don’t see any point in waiting then,

I did actually listen to one against the Linn equivalent before lockdown and although the Linn was good, the Naim was better.
It will take a few weeks to draw some money out but I’ll report back when I have it.

I’m assuming from what I have read that the Naim speaker cable is a reasonable choice.

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Try a few different ones and choose what suits you best. Power and speaker cables are just as important as speakers and electronics. They can dramatically improve or spoil the sound;). It’s best to see what people are using and make a short list for your comparisons.

I have some power cables left over from past systems, Russ Andrews Reference and A Van denHul, which I can’t remember the model of, so I’ll give them a try.

I had the same worry, but I purchased a ‘Refurbished grade B’ unit, it comes sealed from NAIM via a dealer, it will have something cosmetic but not so visible, mine had a scratch on the underside. Anyway, my point is I paid much less for it and if they do come out with a new version I can wait to see how it goes and upgrade it later. But to be honest I’ll probably go up a big step next time. EDIT forgot to say that I can sell it and good money back because I paid less in the first place :wink:

I will tell you to give it a good month for burn in, I almost sent mine back after the first few days. Now you’ll have to rip it from my hands to take it. - GET THE NOVA!!

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Give it a chance and, if necessary, remember about such a possibility in the future. I have tried many, including ones that cost a lot more than the one I currently own. Some of them did not contribute much, others tired the ears after the initial delight. Everything also depends on the speakers and the effect you want to achieve. I also agree with the previous speaker - for the first few weeks I was disappointed with the Nova and the new speakers. Currently, I will rather not give them back;). I am tempted by the NDX2 but discouraged by the number of boxes :).

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