New Uniti Star CD player skipping

Hello, I have just unpacked and set up my new Uniti Star, hopefully an upgrade from my Uniti1, which has gone to the menders to repair a slipping CD drive, and am finding my way around it after letting it warm up for around 6 hours, to room temp.
I’m ok with analogue, and radio, but when I inserted a CD, it started to play, but then began skipping and cracking, so have left things for a bit.
Can anyone tell me whether this will go away as the device gets warmer, or should I worry about it?
Any help will be much appreciated.

Update:- - I have just found and removed the clear plastic protective strip, unnoticed until I checked an unboxing video on youtube, and CD play now seems ok. Phew.

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It seems that I was wrong about the strip, as I am still occasionally experiencing skipping/stopping/jumping/chirping, when trying to play cds, which is not acceptable.
I have just spent almost 40 minutes trying to play a cd, unsuccessfully. Most of the time it works fine, but together with its painfully slow response time of the control remote and mobile app, It’s getting behind a joke. And I really like the sonic improvement over my Uniti1.
So, have any other Star is owners experienced similar problems with their cd players, please?
One more point, would carrying the Uniti Star, in its box, on it’s side, rather than flat, have any potential to cause problems with the CD player arm, please? Thanks.
Typically, this time when I switched it off and back on, it’s decided to work perfectly, so am happy but wondering if it’s something I’m doing?

Hi Geoff, i have no hands on experience with the Star myself, but have you considered asking your dealer about this issue? Since it appears to be a possible mechanical/hardware issue, it might be difficult for people on the forums to help you with this one.

Hope you will be able to sort it out, since you have been problems with it for over a month now…

I agree. It sounds like a hardware fault. You should take it back to your dealer as soon as possible.

I don’t think how the unit is carried in its packing is relevant at all (although I would never suggest carrying a unit like that), but Naim must design the packaging to survive handling by the lower-quartile courier person that it might meet.



Thanks, David, my dealer now has the issue in hand, and am awaiting progress with Naim.
Re the potential transit issue, I wondered whether the lack of locking screw, or similar device might affect the mechanism?
Fortunately it’s working fine again, and I’ll wait and see how we go.

I used my CD a lot for a year or so without issue, hope u get it sorted soon. The Star is a great unit.

That’s good to know, LRJH, and I was looking forward to many happy using and music - filled years with my Star.
Thanks to the efforts of my dealer I will now be returning mine to Naim, in exchange for another unit, which hopefully will be trouble free. Also, thanks to Naim, too, for good customer service.

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