New Uniti Star does not support exFAT?

I was pleased to note in Richard Dane’s February 10 post “New Firmware Update 3.4 for Uniti…Star…etc” that the exFAT file system was now supported across a number of Uniti devices including the Star. I have just attempted to rip a CD on my new Star running firmware 3.4.4492 and it will not let me proceed without reformatting my 1 tb SSD…which already has hundreds of .wav tracks on it…from exFAT to NTSF. Can someone explain this? Thanks.

Hi, the release notes mentions playback from exfat devices, so I assume ripping to exfat is not supported.

I can confirm, that my Atom accepts an exFAT USB-SSD for playback since 3.4. (Direct USB and via internal media server.)
Though the Atom cannot rip of course, so I don’t know about that part of the (Star) software.

How did all the files already on it get there??

I’d guess, previously copied to the drive from a PC or similar? :wink: (Before attaching to Star the first time.)

I guess, copy off the files, reformat it on Star, put files again into the SSD is the fastest/easiest way out here?

Good guess, PhilippVH. Yes, the files were previously copied from my Windows 10 desktop and were playing just fine from my exFAT-formatted SSD drive.
I’ve learned a lot (by trial and error) in the last 24 hours. Naim insists on commandeering the entire drive as a storehouse (I think that’s the word it used), formatting it in NTFS, and then creating a kind of taxonomy…albums, artists, genres, composers, etc…across the drive. It isn’t clear to me whether I can move previously ripped files into that storehouse or, if I can, how they will behave.
I’m going to make a new post about Star-ripped files, seeking insight from anyone with more experience with them. Thanks to robert_h, PhilippVH, and Svetty for replying.

Music store…

Once you’ve formatted a usb drive in the Naim you can copy across any music to the Drive.
Just do a reset the database thro the app afterwards.

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