New Versus Old Forum?

I’m not usually one for these types of of questions but I find myself being engaged less and less on this new forum.
Perhaps it is just me and not the forum but is anyone else finding themselves less inclined to engage with this forum since it’s relaunch.
Ps. I have earned loads of badges though :thinking:

I’m finding that I’d like to engage more, but as Mum broke her hip a few weeks ago and I’m shuttling down between Yorkshire and London, I’m short of time. I’ve had very little time at home to listen to music, so don’t post on the WAYLT thread at the moment. Overall though I’m finding this a very engaging forum.

Another vote for the new forum. It took a while to get used to it (age thing, I guess) but now find it much more user friendly than the old one. Not too sure about the badges though!

I haven’t had a new badge for a while, which is a shame, it always gave me a few seconds of amusement trying to guess what “achievement” mapped to the badge name. Other than that I’m not particularly fussed.

I like the new format as well. I think it is a big improvement. As has been said, easier to use (especially pictures). Not sure if it is me, but it seems a lot less “clunky” on mobile devices as well.

I like the new forum, but do I like it more than the old forum, not really. Some things on the old forum were familiar & comfortable & some on the new forum is not that way. I miss things like able to see who was on line, yes I know its nothing, but its just the way I am.
I am beginning to find some stuff on the new forum annoying, but maybe its more the way some posters are posting, the juvenile subjects & twitterface posting style & on & on … but hey-ho, now’t so queer as folk so I’d better shut up & get used to it.


Bob, much the same here.

Right at the start it was noted that the new forum can be a more visual one than the old one, which many found difficult to post images. A few have run with this with a few threads that have mostly been visuals copied from the net. Might depend on how you are with this.

Being an old guy I tend to resist change, when the new site started I preferred the old site, but very quickly I find the new site a better user experience. I also think, but not sure, there is a wider cross section of contributors which is good.
I’m a member of a few forums, guitars etc, this one is the best in terms of structure, moderation and contribution, I think we are fortunate to have this facility. I would say I use the new forum more.


Personally it isn’t an age v technology thing although I am totally antisocial media or a reluctantcy to change it’s just I don’t log on with the same enthusiasm as I once did now it’s mostly an after thought or when I’m bored traveling to and from work

I find that I am less engaged with the new forum than I was with the old. I have no idea why mind you, and as a marketing person I find it interesting… from the perspective of why I find the new forum less engaging. It’s not new layout / functionality vs the old… so I’m assuming it’s the content that I’m finding less interesting.

Mind you I still check in multiple times per day :slight_smile:

New forum vastly superior to the old forum in many ways putting aside the trivial stuff like badges etc. It’s way more accessible for starters.

I do think that with accessibility comes new members and with new members come new views and approaches. Inevitably that pushes existing members way out of their comfort zone and a sense that what they don’t see as a clique has been disrupted. All for the greater good I think. Positives are never wholly so but if people are half as tolerant as they claim then you take the rough with the smooth.

On a personal note the sudden proliferation of different languages has clearly caused some communication issues but so what. The increase in best this or that; list type threads is immensely annoying but then I don’t have to read or contribute so again… so what.

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I do like the ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ links at the top of the page, plus being taken to the last read item on a topic. My vote definitely goes with t he new forum, despite my advanced years - it took a long time but at least I am ‘advanced’ in something at last!


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Having joined the new Forum after a few months away, I think it’s really good. I particularly like the feature of being able to see if someone has specifically replied to something I’ve written. It’s very good that the endless reply with quotes have been largely eliminated, which makes reading the threads more enjoyable.

For sure there is content that I think is rubbishy, but what’s rubbish to me is great to others. I’m forcing myself to ignore stuff that I find irritating, which is actually a good discipline for me.

Overall I feel it’s a lot better than the old forum.


I’m with HH

The format is better and I find it easy to use as well as read.

As for the content, well that is down to us isn’t it?


Possibly it is content and perhaps coming up to my fourth year much of the stuff being discussed I’ve already discussed at some point and that isn’t to say that it wasn’t interesting and isn’t for new members.
I do find the actual physical side of things better and much easier to use it’s a lot more user friendly.
Perhaps I’m a bit Naimed out.


I think it goes with the territory that one will get bored with the ‘how do I connect my hicap’ threads after a while, and of course there is only so much one can say about hifi, unless one is really obsessive. The trick is just to contribute to things that are interesting, or where one can contribute something useful. Easier said than done of course!

I got a new badge today - new member of the month! Weirdly though, the message said that there are actually two new members of the month, but I’m not letting that take the shine of this stunning achievement.


I tend to resist change too - I actually think this forum is a lot better but the trendy ‘gamification’ features as on other sites are not attractions, more an amusement.

The ‘what are you listening to thread’ is perhaps one that suffers without numbered pages as I previously mentally knew where I was - on a particular page - I know the new format sort of emulates ‘last position in thread’ but it was nice to be able to go to a specific page of interest.

The ability to easily post images is perhaps the main benefit.

The current platform is I feel one of the better ones I’ve experienced where there have been changes to fora I’ve frequented for some time.

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I like the new forum format, I think it’s excellent. The content, which is obviously up to us, is terrible. There’s rarely anything of interest, subjects don’t get discussed, no interest in quality… it’s just someone new asking questions, the same misinformed people answering the questions wrongly and pics of stupid bloody systems. Thousands upon thousands of views of people looking at bloody pics of bloody systems. Have I missed an anorak badge goal by not posting pics of my boxes?

I like the new forum a lot – the interface is more intuitive to me than the one it replaced – which I found extremely irritating. I also find it much easier this time to ignore content I am not interested in – so perceived quality of content is not an issue for me.


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