New vinyl only system for £5k - thoughts sought

A friend wants a box-fresh (all new items) system, as plug & play as possible, for £5k i.e. TT, amp and speakers (inc all cables). Let’s not debate home demos etc at this time and stick with potential kit choices. Music tastes veer towards rock (not heavy). Absolutely no interest in streaming/CD.

Guiding mantra is simplicity (e.g. avoid MC cartridges) = My immediate thoughts are:

Rega P6 with Exact MM cartridge fed in to
Nait XS3 (which has phono amp…but good enough for the Rega?)
Speakers – all thoughts appreciated - there are quite a few choices.

Obviously, I suspect there may be a package deal to be done here as, most likely, all to be bought from the same source.

Can I seek the wise counsel of others?

The package deal is the answer. Your friend needs to find a good dealer and work with them. My own dealer has always concentrated on linn,naim,rega so it was easy. Certainly (if leaning towards) naim and rega look for a dealer that carries those brands together (usually not too difficult). So that different combinations can be heard. p6 with exact or p3 with mc cart and separate phono stage ?, in which case maybe xs2 or still 3 (?). Dealer can certainly help tremendously. Don’t see why mc cart would be any more difficult fwiw. Also cables used to be “throw ins” but of course that is no longer the case, but at least getting all the proper cables at once eliminates all the frustration of not being able to make one connection or another.

Michell turntables don’t get the love they deserve on here, which is a shame. For that budget a Tecnodec should be in the running. I have a Michell Syncro from 1986 feeding in to a Nait XS2 and it sounds fabulous and I’d expect the Tecnodec to sound at least as good as the Syncro, probably better. My other source is a ND5 XS2 and the Syncro is not at all outclassed by the Naim streamer.


Easy to recommend some loudspeakers but info needed for roomsize and placement, floor or stand mount…?
Rega have just launched a complete vinyl System One included cables, but won’t fill budget.

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I think the P6 and Nait are a good match and probably what I would advise.

However, I would also suggest that your friend considered an all Rega system as they might get a deal and get a slighter better system.

Is there a good dealer near to them so that they can listen to a couple of options and decide which they prefer?

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I think for £5k I’d be looking at a P8 (source first, and all that) and, as you want MM only, something like an AT-VM740ML or Ortofon 2M Bronze, and a NAIT XS3 with some decent standmounts like the KEF LS50s, Focal Chora 806 etc… Don’t forget stands, NACA5 cable and maybe a nice old-school Sound Organisation equipment table c/o eBay for around £20-30. Either way, this thread should give you some good ideas with which to approach a suitable dealer…



Thanks. I was wondering about the P8 which, from the prices I’ve seen, would weight the budget to source and amp (which is fine).

The reason I said ‘simple’ was that my friend is a newbie to hi-fi and discussions about cartridges, cables et al tend to solicit that wonderful (and understandable) mental overload expressed by silence.

I’ve no familiarity with this end of the market (non-Linn etc), hence my post, kinda as a starter for 10. Of course, I’d love to organise a demo but for C-19 and associated reasons that could be challenging at the moment.

How about pre-loved kit?
I am very happy with 2nd hand LP12, Linn Kans and Ovator s600s. If I had not already got decent amplification I would look around dealers to see what they have, or due to come in.


Faffing about every 1000 hours instead of just plonking in a new stylus, and cheaper? As the person here uses only vinyl, 1000 hours pass by quickly

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Hi HL. Would he stretch to SN3 (?) which has a good phono card in it, and then send him you know where after you’ve given him your spare Naca5 :wink: Best Peter

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As others have said the key here is a deal. Dealers can flex a lot.
However if you’re going to a dealer who only sells Rega TTs, don’t be surprised with what they suggest.

As he wants TT only system, then find a dealer who has a broad selection of TTs. And yes, make sure a Michell is on the list.

I would go for a full rega system, like REGA Elex R, P8, Ortofon MM cart, REGA speakers.
And negotiate 5 or 10% .

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Thanks - have already punted that but no-go.

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I auditioned a pair of Rega RX3 speakers with my Nait XS2. Wasn’t impressed at all, maybe they just work better with Rega amps?


At ~£2.2k (list), more in 2021(?!?), I think a Nait XS3 will suffice.

I did mention buying a Statement but there was confusion around the placement of the decimal point in the cost :wink:

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Doubt it. I’ve heard a few, albeit a few years ago, Rega speakers. Never liked their sound or how they looked. They should stick to TTs and value electronics. That is what they are good at.
Bit like linn amps…
There are lots of good speaker manufacturers, who tend to major on just speakers. The £100 Dali’s my daughter uses sound great ( for their money).

Thanks - I think I know of a dealer chain who can supply the requisite brands.

Of course, the ‘D’ word as regards what dealers can offer isn’t openly vented on here - let’s just say, I would hope for a ‘package deal’ :grinning:

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I feel so. There is better synergy with all REGA. But Proac tablettes could be fine too.

Don’t forget to allocate £700 to £500 for decent mains cables, quality speaker cables and interconnects.

Edit: Also contrary to what is believed, speakers make a big difference to a system and musical experience so don’t spend too much on source and compromise the speakers. I would spend £1200 on each component and the balance on good hifi rack and cables.

I think Richard is on the money with source first, but I’d go for a sense of occasion if your friend isn’t a hifi nut. Something to look at / admire as well as listen too for his 5k.

Michell Gyro SE Turntable, T3 Arm, AT-VM540ML
Rega Elex-R
KEF LS50 Meta

Should have enough left over for some decent cable, speaker stands etc. I know of a dealer that would do all components and probably do a decent package deal.

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