New WiFi network

Hi I have a MuSo 648c connected to Virgin Media WiFi. I’ve installed a BT Whole Home mesh to improve the WiFi across our house and am advised to turn off the Virgin WiFi on the Hub 3 and reconnect my services to the new BT Whole Home WiFi.

I wondered if someone might tell me how to reconnect my MuSo? I’m sure it’s easy…

Thanks in advance


Once the VM is switched off, stick a paperclip in the mu-so reset hole.

Forgot that myself😁

Hi, thanks for that advice. It’s a long story, but I can’t turn off the VM wifi. The password for setting the Hub 3 (8 digit number on the bottom of the router) has been changed at some point, goodness knows why. I’ve done a factory reset on the Hub 3, but the “settings” password is still not accepted.

The MuSo is now the only thing in the house still connected to the VM wifi and everything seems to be running OK. Two questions really:

  1. Is it absolutely necessary to turn off the VM wifi (I’ve asked the same question on the VM forum as well!)
  2. Is there any other way of getting the MuSo to link to the new BT Whole Home wifi other than the “staple in the hole” trick? I can’t see anything on the app that suggests it to be possible.

Sorry to keep asking for help!



Hi Mike, just to check have you reset the VM Hub using the reset button for a full 20 seconds and then turned it off at the wall, wait for 30 secs before turning the power on? What colour is the main status light after doing this, white, green or red?

The minimum criteria for the new password is:

  • minimum of 8 characters
  • must have lower case letters
  • at least 1 upper case letter
  • at least 1 number

Hi Kevin, thanks for that. I have only pushed the paper clip in until I heard a click - the Hub 3 did turn off and go through the set up process again… I’ll give it another go tomorrow!

Got to admit, I’m nervous about screwing up everything! I have all my music on streaming now - MuSo in the lounge and a nice little Ruark in the dining room (the Ruark is a breeze compared to the MuSo) and Hue lights all over the place.

Appreciate your advice…

ideally you would turn off the VM Superhub 3 wifi, but if you just take your muso to somewhere where the new WiFi is much stronger than the VM hub and reset the Muso, you should be able to connect your new WiFi rather than the old one.

Also if you ring Virgin Media tech support, I bet they would be able to reset your Superhub password remotely. Or disable your WiFi remotely perhaps.



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