New Year system resolutions?

My list for Jan-Feb 2020:

1 Sort out the rat-tailed mess of my cables, finally…

2 Find out why my MuSo QB2 won’t connect with Wi-Fi - suspect the Virgin modem/router/whatever it’s called…

3 Start rearranging the rack in terms of what sounds best where…

Simple! Ish.

Any system-related resolutions for the new year you’ve been putting off for awhile?

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No - leaving well alone although I might need a cartridge re-tip at some point.



I have just done #1 on the main system since I’m currently 3 weeks off.

In Jan I will start hunting for a olive 250 or either cb / olive 135’s. Someone told me that in Jan the market is better for buyers.

Maybe I’ll try to find an nDac in the new year, but I’m not convinced the simple Chord Mojo is the weak link in my 72/hi/140 system currently.


Next year I will be again working on sources:

  • a new CD transport (probably the last one of my life…)
  • recap the Flatcap XS
  • try a Morgana Witchat snaic

I’ve got a NAP 250 DR on order with delivery in February next year. Might also touch on speaker cables, but not sure what to do with that … my Chord Rumour seems to fit quite nicely still.

New speakers in the end will be something for end 2020 or even later :slight_smile:

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Break down and re-build Fraim, so that the two bases are the same height off the floor!

All worthy enterprises!
At least I’m not alone…

Wish I was where @LindsayM is, but… :slight_smile:

And I just noticed my rack is slightly outta line with the turntable shelf. Dammit. Ah well, more incentive. Sigh.

The same as every year: sit longer in the sweet spot.


Hoping to be able to buy some kit having sold off so much to pay for renovation project , probably heading down class D route which is far better than it used to be

Ditto - don’t need for a re-tip either. Might look to improving wi-fi coverage in my listening room to get the best from my new Bluesound Node 2i. Great bit of kit for the money. Gonna delve into the world of hi-res for the first time.

Listen to more LPs.

Oh, and re-line the brakes on my TC755 reel to reel.

Continue to run in the new amp & pre. Have some Super Lumina speaker cable to try out too but I need to move the AV rack and all the bits in it to do so and disturbing the SL2s will be a good time to make sure they’re set up as well possible.

Will be looking into the vinyl side of the system too and them I’m done! :wink:

No new boxes. I did well enough of that in 2019 (NDX2, XPS DR, SC DR, 252, 300 DR). Sell my 282, 250-2 DR.

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The Fraim is certainly one to watch. Having just built mine up I noticed that the spikes don’t fit in the centre of the cups. It required me undoing everything and realigning the less and rods by a few millimetres then re-tightening.

Remove XPS2 to see if it’s an issue.

Take 202 in for A recap.

Start saving for an Innuos as a gateway to an NDX2.

Play the music I’ve not been playing in the interim.

Buy a new couch, sell the 252 and the Tyr 2 Power Cable. :sunglasses:

Chag -

Winning the lottery.


Get to grip with room treatment …and rebuild my Fraim…you know it makes sense :yawning_face:

Merry Christmas

I’ve given up on room treatment. Nothing that works, and works aesthetically. I shall live with a ‘boomy’ room until we move house at some point.

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I guess it may not work for every situation, unfortunately in my case I have heard the difference through my crude experiments that they could make.
Difficult to ignore now.
I’ve been cautioned from fellow members not to take a random approach, rightly so…that’s my homework for the 20s!

Happy Christmas :santa:t2::christmas_tree::tada::partying_face: