New Year system resolutions?

Decision on cables to replace standard Naim interconnect and speaker cables…getting there, but not as easy as i thought it would be.

Sit and enjoy more music. Although I am tempted to upgrade to the NDX2.
Also looking forward to trying Naim,Qobuz integration.

I should have stopped at nothing that works aesthetically. I’m sure that there are many changes I could make that would function, sound-wise. Starting with a rug . . . which our dog would pee on within hours.


Which is credit to Naim surely?

More relaxed listening for pleasure, less critical listening when evaluating tweaks/upgrades.

The former is fun, the latter is a PITA.

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Get my Olive main system Fraimed and get 135’s as and when available (no hurry).

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Replace my XPS dr with a 555 dr by the years out.

Nothing major but all worthwhile:

  1. Sort out jungle behind Fraims
  2. LPS for Audiostore black box
  3. Audition Qubuz
  4. Visit @Filipe
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2019 was the big move up from my Nova, which is now happy in my media room/office.

I exited a business, so I took the plunge with a NDX2 and SN2, then added the XPS DR and HiCap several months later. My with, Rae, says I have “an elite system” and no further upgrades are required… though I’ve managed to sneak in a pre-loved Super Lumina I/C and Powerline and a Chord Shawline cable to the NDX2.

So next year is retirement savings and an overseas holiday (well 2, as I’m doing the Cruise to the Edge). Hi-fi investment will be limited to completing the Powerlines on my mian system and Nova and music. The jury is out on SL speaker cables and a poncy switch whilst the forum resolves which was to go with those.

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my upgrading is finished on pre & AMP, love the music and detail from my system, it’s taken 20 years to get to now and I am one happy boy

2020 might bring something for the LP12?


I must admit I dont do resolutions, I can never stick to them. If I had a resolution a year ago it would not be anywhere near where I am now, so who knows where in a year from here !

It would be interesting to revisit this thread in a year and see if people stuck to their guns. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

24 bit, same as last year!. :joy:

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Not a resolution as such as it might not happen, but I’d quite like to try a pair of Townshend Podiums under the NBLs.


Purchased a pair this year and was gobsmacked with the difference, once I correctly centred the load cells.
I have got a suspended floor and achieved good results with spikes on screwheads, but nothing as focused, effortless, detailed, out of the box, as this. When the load cells are correctly centred the speakers are allowed to wobble freely, which is contrary to spikes, which makes me think they work as well on all floors.
For me, I would put them in the realms of a black box upgrade, if not more.
Definitely worth the cost, but check that famous auction site.

Merry Christmas

  1. Get another IKEA Kallax to fill with vinyl.

  2. Cartridge check or upgrade.

  3. Save for 250DR

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I’ve just full loomed and power lined this month which takes me to the end of a journey.

With nearly 14,000 albums in the collection and having retired early a couple of years ago it’s time to sit back enjoy the system and above all the record collection.

New Years resolution is to try and impose a moratorium on buying any more music for a while!


Probably just enjoy what I have, it certainly does the job! About the only thing if I was considering taking a listen to, would probably be the new Supernait. But, that is a whole other thing!

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Listen to less music…yes that’s right. Less music but spend more time listening. Appreciate more, investigate more, understand lyrics, arrangements etc. In the digital era of Tidal or Qobuz I realised that I listen a lot but mostly I do not even know the titles of songs…that’s why Roon gets striped from Tidal access ( I blame the new ‘recommended for you’ feature.) and more cd’s and LP’s I will be buying in 2020.
Less is more in 2020.


Go back to work on 7th Jan.
Hand in notice.
Retire at end of February.
Draw pensions.
Enjoy life.


Locate a used XPS DR.
Decide whether to upgrade the lingo 4 to a radikal.