New Year's Day concert radio stream

I’m not normally one for the Vienna New Year’s Day concert but I have just found a stream in Naim’s Hi Def section “Czech radio CRo Vltava” with absolutely cracking sound (Knocks the Beebs stream of the same concert into a cocked hat). Worth a listen if you’re interested.


Don’t suppose you have a url?

You can get it direct via the app , Internet Radio/Hidef…apologies if I have misunderstood your Q Mike.

I can’t guarantee this is right but their website gives this for the FLAC stream:

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An enjoyable concert (via boring old BeeB Two).

Gone are the days when a demigod such as Carlos Kleiber would descend from on high to lead the festivities.

My router decided today was the moment to play up. Three different reboots later and I’m live on your link.

I could listen to the Czech language for hours.

I now realise you have an Innuos streamer, so the app is superfluous. Apologies.

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