Newbie daft question. Cd3 standby

Hell folks. I am new to Naim so please forgive my ignorance.
My current setup is not naim. I am running a quad 77 cd I to a quad 77 preamp and a quad 707 power amp. Speakers are Meadowlark audio kestrel Hot Rods.
My 77cd has stopped playing so.e cds and has been sent back to quad for service. I have managed to get hold of a Naim cd3 and have made up a locking din to 2 rca. It sounds great.
There is no remote with the cd player but I have used a marantz remote to control the function, everything works perfectly.
My question is this, is there a way of putting the cd3 Into standby? Currently can’t doit.

Grateful of any help
Kind regards

Hi John,

the CD3 is a lovely old player, and a real personal favourite. As you have discovered, it uses the Philips RC5 codeset and most functions are the same as many other RC5 CD players. However there is no standby on the CD3. It’s best to leave it on as it will sound best warmed up. If you need to switch off, there’s a hard switch on the back.

p.s. Please note forum rules. I have edited your post.

Thanks for the advice. Apologies if I breached any rules.
Seems a bit daft really that there is no standby, even a screen off. More than compensated for by the sound though.

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