Newbie headphone question

As a new-comer to headphone use I am slightly confused so thought I’d ask the collective wisdom of the forum:

I have wireless bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones (Sony WH1000-XM3). They must therefore have an internal battery, some form of DAC and amplification built-in. If I use them wired I assume the analogue signal is fed to the DAC for noise-cancelling, then onto the internal amp? This being the case how does the DSP/internal amp work with the incoming signal when using a Headline (or similar). I imagine the DSP and internal amp have the potential to act as a bottle-neck and degrade the signal from the Headline?

The incoming analogue signal will pass through an ADC then be processed by the DSP, same as a Bluetooth input, then onto the DAC and inbuilt amp etc.

Chances are this will be a slight degradation against a pure cabled analogue only solution. However wireless and noise cancelling bring their own benefits which cannot be ignored.

I’m very happy with NAC72 > Bluetooth Aptx HD transmitter i> Sony WH1000-XM2.

Which Bluetooth Aptx HD transmitter did you go for?

I use the Inateck BR1008, but there are plenty of similar units.

Thanks @NAC72 there are so many on the river, I’ll give that one a try.

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You haven’t said what your source is. It must, of course, have a tape out socket to drive the transmitter!

Yes out of the AV on my 282 and to my Radsone ES100 and Audeze LCD-i4.

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