Newbie in Canada

Please take pity on this Canadian.
I did so much research and was told this Mu-so 2nd generation was the best. I have an extensive CD collection and researched the Cambridge AXC35 as it would be the most compatible with the Naim.

The Cambridge cables are not compatible so I purchased a Link AA22Y. I am able to plug this into the 3.5mm analogue but I am still not getting any sound from my CD player.

Yes I am hitting the middle bottom button and toggling but nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Please and thank you.

An unhelpful suggestion perhaps, but return the CD player and subscribe to Tidal/Quboz or Spotify. Will sound great with the Muso and have likely almost all of your CDs covered. Alternatively you could get all the CDs ripped - you can send them off to a service in most contries for perhaps 1$ per CD to convert them into FLAC files. Then of course you’d need some sort of device to put them on and an app to serve them to the Muso (like Roon or various other free options). If you are not technically curious/minded then I’d avoid that option. IMO You’ll not be able to tell any quality difference between Tidal and CD on the Muso 2. I have one in my bedroom and love it.

Finally a more helpful suggestion - download the Naim App on your phone. If you go into your Muso Room you can control the inputs there. Just select the analog input and it should work :slight_smile:

How often are you hitting the button? It says “toggle through the available inputs”:

And did you try the Analogue input via the Naim app?

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