NEWBIE in trouble anyone help please

I am seasoned Naim audiophile but a newbie to MuSo ownership.
I have been able to enjoy a wi-fi network connection for 3 months - now mysteriously my MuSo won’t connect to the app or allow me to air play set-up.
( I share a broadband connection within a large house ) I have re set to factory x many times - without success.
The connection on flashing purple goes so far then reverts to orange light before I have established the network connection
I have tried an android device as well without success. The ethernet cable connection works fine but is impractical.
Can anyone offer another way to connect to the network
I am pretty tired with it after 4 hours or so.

If it works fine with ethernet then that is your answer. It’s probably time to get out the hammer and drill.

Has someone changed the WiFi password?

Move the Muso close to the route while you set up the connection then re-locate to its usual spot?

Are you using the first model Muso with a mesh WiFi network?

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