Newbie introduction and connections question

Hello all,

First post. Brief introduction - Middle aged Scotsman living in Australia, Enjoy time with family, hiking, eating good food and drinking wine (dont we all) etc. A bit of a collector of all things really. Big passion right now is watches, of which I am obsessed. Anyway, after a long sabbatical I am now finding time to enjoy my long stored hi fi set up again. Hopefully I can make a good contribution to the community.

Now that’s out the way please excuse my total ignorance on all things technical (despite trying) I did trawl through previous posts but not found specific answer relating to my set up. It comprises an LP12. CD3.5, Flatcap 2, NAC72 (olive), NAP140 (olive) I just recently purchased a hi cap (olive) and want to integrate into my system. Have I got my connections right before i go do something terribly wrong? Just running the Flatcap with the CD 3.5 and the hi cap with the 72 and 140. Hopefully you can make sense of my rudimentary sketching.

Welcome to the forum. You want to connect the NAP140 to Hicap socket 3 rather than to the 72.

Apart from that, all looks good :+1:


Thanks for the response James. I knew id screw up somewhere. Hopefully i can give some feedback to the community on how I think the hi cap performs in my system. I have read some people do not hear a big difference until they actually remove it from their system. It will be interesting. Cheers.


No worries. I ran a very similar system to yours (albeit with two Flatcaps) for quite a few years and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy your latest addition.


72/hicap/140 is very nice. A tiny capable system all what one needs.


Yes looking forward to this. I forgot to ask which orientation the SNAIC 4 will go? Is the marker at the 140 side or the hi cap? Thanks


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The cable marker, whatever it is, always goes at the end where the signal come from.

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