Newbie problem

On the 552, if you look at the input sockets at the back, each one has a little green LED indicator that illuminates when you press on the correspondingly assigned input selector button on the front - it’s how you can easily tell which input is assigned to which front button. So, as you are inputting (and powering) the Superline via Socket 7, make sure AUX2 is assigned to this socket.

You can programme a source to more than one button but not a button to more than one source.
Still no progress I presume.

Apologies - I am in prog mode, volume flashing, aux2 flashing green behind, when I press mute or mono on the bottom line on the front of the amp, the back flashing light moves away to another socket.

Guys - I’m going round in circles here - I’m going to have to see if there’s anyone in Madrid who could come & check which component is causing the problem - with luck, it may well be my ineptitude with the reprogramming - many thanks for your time & help, very much appreciated. If I come across the fix I’ll let you know what the problem was.

I think from what I’ve read you almost have it … don’t give up
The only thing I think you are missing is how to take the pre out of program mode

“To exit from program mode press and hold the prog key on the handset until the record select indicators are restored and the volume indicator stops flashing.”

You are right in selecting the function on the front
You are right in looking at the back of the pre to see which input is “ lit up “
You are right in how to toggle or change which input is lit up.
Once you have it take the pre amp out of program mode.

You could try this in the meantime:
To restore all programmable settings to the factory defaults
press and hold the remote handset disp key while the
preamplifier is in program mode. The preamplifier will exit from
program mode following this operation.

I think that a reset to factory default settings is a good idea here. Default for Input socket 7 is AUX2.

Thanks all for the encouragement.
Have reset to factory settings & Aux2 with the volume turned up gives a hiss.
The LP12 is still playing the records, listening carefully the music can be heard from the stylus - the needle talking.
I think in the end it’s the stylus, cartridge or arm on the LP12.
Another player would see if the current set up is OK.

I wonder whether it’s maybe a stuck relay? Maybe a Superline problem?

First check that you have continuity from cart through to the tonarm cable plug ends.

Hi Richard - there is noise through the speakers when moving the earth on the back of the Superline.
Any other way of checking this continuity?
I take the 2 cable plug ends halfway out of the Superline & a loud hum comes out of the speakers so connected.

Checking connections yet again I untightened & tightened the screws on the capacitors on the back of the Superline & I cannot now hear the hiss out of Aux2 - could this then be the source of the problem?
Forget it - set defaults again & can hear the hiss out of the speakers on Aux2.

Just found Armonia HiFi in Madrid who deal with Linn - I’ll see if they can come out to look at it.

Getting someone to look may be the safest and best course of action here.

Hello again - I’m a happy man listening to vinyl again - Van’s glorious Wavelength at the moment.

When I shipped the system over to Madrid last year I was recommended the excellent Javier Orta, a system specialist based in Madrid, who came round & set it all up for me.
I contacted him again & he came over today.

After discarting the Superline as a problem with use of another he brought with him, the LP12 was the problem.
On taking it apart it seemed that it was a loose connection inside at the bottom of the arm pillar.
All working as it should again.

Anyone in Madrid & Spain, in need of friendly, informative, professional & reasonably-priced system support, Javier Orta is your man -

Many thanks to all above for the help.
May the groove be with you.


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