Newbie question - iMac to ND5 XS2, wired network

Hello Naim Forum

This is my very first post and I am really struggling to understand a basic question.

I am about to purchase a Naim ND5 XS2 which will be connected to the same wired network as my Apple iMac (running OS Monterey). The iMac contains all my music as AIFF files.

My first question, when I set up the ND5 on my iOS Naim/Focal App, will my iMac magically appear on one of the App screens?

Secondly, if it does show, will I then be able to navigate to the Home - Music folder on the iMac to access and then play my music albums?

Your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Ian

You will need a UPnP server running to make your files available to the Naim I think.
They will then appear under SERVER input which you will need to activate on your settings.

Yes you need a UPnP server on your iMac
Suggest you look at Illustrates Asset UPnP, it does all you can think of and even more you didn’t know existed

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You have several options.

Run a UPnP server such as Asset on your Mac, and the music will appear in the Server input on the Naim app.

Use Apple Music to play the files and send them to the ND5 using AirPlay. You would then use the Mac, or the Apple Remote app, for control.

Stick a copy of the files on a USB drive and connect this to a USB port on the ND5.

The streamer will not see the Mac as a device in the app.

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As a complete non techie , I look at the music or talking book file on my Mac , press Airplay and one machine talks to the other

Neil, Mike & Chris

Thank you very much for your replies. I have no idea what a UPnP server is (sorry!) but I will do my homework and learn about Asset UPnP. Best regards, Ian

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Hi Ian - buy a used M2Tech Hiface dongle to connect your Mac to digital input of your ND5- plugged in to your Mac it will access music files complete and avoids the Mac’s sound card and transport them to the DAC of the ND5, use your Mac software to select the music, you will be impressed with the SQ

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The value of server software like AssetUPnP (£33 plus VAT) is that it indexes all your music files enabling you to search by artist, album, genre and more etc. and is not dependent upon a folder/filename structure. Your Naim App will see the Asset server over the ethernet wired (best) or the wireless connection.
Superb piece of software. Simple.

Thanks Ian, Airplay is a possibility.

Jonny, thank you - I am currently running my iMac with Signalyst HQ Player 3 connected to a Weiss INT 202 Firewire interface connected to my Naim DAC with a Chord Indigo cable.

The sound is breathtaking but the Weiss is only supported up to OS 10.15 and the latest HQ Player 4 will not run on OS 10.15 (version too old.). So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and want a (hopefully) simpler solution with the purchase of the ND5 XS2.

Thanks again, Ian

A UPnP server is a piece of software that allows your streamer to see your music files, allows you to browse them by track, album, artist etc and allows the streamer to play them. Virtually any NAS or computer can run it, as long as it remains switched on and connected to your network.
Many people will use this method to store and play their music, but as I mentioned above, there are alternatives which may suit you better.

Hi, as others have said, Naim streamers are optimally designed to work with UPnP media servers or Roon Core servers.

If a UPnP server means nothing to you… I strongly recommend you ask the retailer where you are purchasing the ND5XS2 from to show what this means and how it works together.
You usually pay a premium for Naim products and that includes a retailer margin… so you can expect that service. If they can’t show you find another retailer who will.
If you are to get the best from the product I think this is an important step.


The free version of Minim server works on my iMac, music files stored on the imac are alac

Thank you Simon, I completely take on board your comments and I agree, with a near £3k purchase, I should expect some guidance.

Terry, I will look at your suggestion later today.

Thank you everyone, I think I now have enough information to move forward. Best regards, Ian

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Hi jmtennapel

Yes, I certainly will demo first. My current sound is really lovely, Mac Mini to Weiss Int 202 to nDAC via Chord Indigo cable and then onwards to 252.

The problem is the Weiss is not supported beyond Mac OS X 10.15 and I really need to bring everything up to date. HQ Player 4 requires a later version of OS X than 10.15… as I previously mentioned, I’m between a rock and a hard place.

Plus it really appeals to me having one nice neat Naim box rather than a Mac mini, a Weiss and a hard drive tucked behind my IsoBlue shelving, it’s far from ideal.

Thank you for the Audirvana suggestion, I will research more, best regards, Ian

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